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  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • 2 Years
  • 3 Years

Non Masking SMS

0.30 / sms
0.30 / sms
  • Validity: Lifetime
  • API Access: Yes
  • Support: All Mobile Operator
  • Language: Bangla & Dynamic SMS
  • Approval: Within 7 Days
  • OTP: Yes
  • Fast Delivery: Yes
  • Topup: Min 1000 tk

Masking SMS

0.60 / sms
0.60 / sms
  • 0.70 (Robi, Airtel)
  • Validity: Lifetime
  • API Access: Yes
  • Support: All Mobile Operator
  • Language: Bangla & Dynamic SMS
  • Approval: Within 7 Days
  • OTP: Yes
  • Fast Delivery: Yes
  • Masking Fee: 2000 tk
  • Topup: Min 1000 tk
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What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a type of online-based SMS service that allows you to send a message using any name to any mobile number by logging in with the username and password directly through the internet. The advantage of bulk SMS is that users can send messages using their own or company name. Many people are now using this bulk SMS service to spread business information. It is also a very easy way to provide other information to many people at a reasonable cost.

You may notice that SMS is coming from different mobile operators or companies and no number can be found in the messages they send or in most cases you cannot reply to them. These messages enter your inbox with the name of that particular organization, by which you can guess that it is the SMS of the brand you know. It’s usually called masking SMS. You may want to buy bulk sms to send messages to your customers or friends, you have to purchase a masking or non masking SMS package but these sms are not fixed price. You have to buy sms from different operators with different prices.

If you buy bulk SMS you will be given a control panel of the website and a software. You will have to login with your username and password on the website or send an SMS by login with the username and password in the software. (If you buy Bulk SMS, you will be given a username and password). Also, SMS can be sent using mobile apps.

Bulk SMS?
Masking SMS?

What is Masking SMS?

If your sender ID is a company name then it is called masking sms. When you buy and send SMS in the masking system, it will be sent from a specific name / ID. For example, when operators send you SMS, you can see their name or the name of their promotion can be seen GP offer, BL offer like this. Like this, your receiver can see the name or ID that you use. In this case, even if your or your business name is not in the body of the SMS, the receiver will understand that the SMS has come from your brand.

The cost of Masking SMS is a bit higher and it is suitable for those who are running a medium to large scale business or are new to the business but have a good budget level. The bigger the lot, the lower the cost, but after a certain level, the price will not go down. We always offer customized prices, so contact us to know the price.

What is Non-Masking SMS?

If you buy and send SMS in a non-masking system, it will be sent from your number and didn’t show your company name. If the sender ID is a number, it is called Non-Masking SMS.

Non-masking is affordable for those who are running small-scale businesses or are new to the business and have a low budget. You must top up 1,000 tk to run a campaign on a non-masking system.

Non-Masking SMS?

Benefits of Using Masking SMS?

SMS is great for engaging customers, helping them to make purchasing decisions by delivering product information to customers. It plays a very effective role in gaining their trust by providing SMS, Money Receipt, Thanksgiving in the aftermath of their purchase. It is easier to inform about the product promotion, product offer, etc. of the business organization


Uninterrupted Communication

After selling a product to the customers, your work is not finished. It is so important to maintain regular contact with them. Otherwise, there is no way you can just contact them to sell and make a profit. You can still invite customers for product-related communication after selling the product via bulk SMS.


Advertising of Product

It is very essential to advertise new products and services. Bulk SMS can play a successful role in this regard. Regular SMS campaigns increase the visibility of the product to the customers. Bulk SMS is the best way to increase the visibility of the business to many more people at an affordable cost.


Customer Follow-Up

Shopping cannot be done once the customers are told. Customers will buy from you as soon as they remember you when they feel the need. In this case, bulk SMS is a helpful solution. It encourages them to buy again.


Wish at the Special Moment

Everyone is happy when they get a wish in a favorite moment. Customers are happier when a brand greets them on a special day via SMS. It also creates a positive impression of your brand. SMS is suitable for greeting them on any special occasion like national day or personal day like birthday, wedding anniversary.


Offer to Order at Limited Time

The business is able to influence customers to confirm orders. If a customer does not place an order within a few minutes after receiving an ad or offer, they are less likely to place an order. The moment they decide to shop, they are quick to complete the purchase if they offer to order within a limited time. The fear of losing wakes them up at this time because they want to buy that product and you are offering him a good price.


To gain the Trust of Customers

Many people buy your product but fewer customers are loyal to you. It plays a very effective role in gaining their trust by providing SMS, Money Receipt, Thanksgiving in the aftermath of their purchase. SMS is the ideal medium to keep a large customer group engaged by SMS marketing.


Customer Targeting

The customer makes more purchases at certain times. On special occasions and weekends their shopping volume is high. At this time they are looking for the best offers and you can make them enthusiastic about shopping by SMS in those times. If you have customer information, you can get good results by targeting them.


Celebrating Business Milestones

Every achievement is a joy. You can offer them to celebrate with your customers during that happy time of your business. The customer will know about your achievement. This, in turn, gives customers a positive idea of the trust and professionalism of their business. It enhances a brand's relationship with the customer.

Bulk SMS Service in Bangladesh

Bulk SMS plays a title role in making business more dynamic. There are different IT companies in Bangladesh that provide bulk SMS services. But in this case, you also need a place of fidelity. You should research the top providers in Bangladesh.

Some web hosting companies in Bangladesh also offer bulk SMS services but the number is much less. IT Nut Hosting is one of them. We offer bulk sms service at a very affordable price. Also, we have Lifetime SMS validity which most of the companies do not give. Normally the price of masking SMS is higher than that of non-masking, but we have determined the price keeping in view the market which is neither high nor low.

SMS Service in Bangladesh
Bulk SMS Service

IT Nut Hosting Bulk SMS Service

We are one of the best web hosting service providers in Bangladesh. We provide quality bulk SMS services including international standard web hosting services to different companies, businesses.

Build your desired client base with our secure, trusted, and powerful corporate bulk SMS! We have come up with bulk SMS services to provide a high-speed SMS-based communication facility for businesses. So this powerful communication system will definitely accelerate your overall business prosperity.

There are usually two types of bulk SMS, one is Masking SMS and the other is Non-Masking SMS Services. IT Nut Hosting masking and non-masking SMS services will meet your business or personal needs. Besides, we do not have any hidden charges for this service. If you have any problem related to bulk sms, please contact us by phone, facebook, email and live chat. We are reputed to all our users for having uninterrupted customer service. Our End User Support Ticket 24/7 promises to serve you, and the helpline is open 24 hours a day.

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