Reyazul Masud Riham

Reyazul Masud Riham

Freelancer | Entrepreneur | Traveller

Riham started his freelance career in 2013 as a web developer. Being a web developer, Riham saw a huge demand for domain hosting and this market is growing fast at the same time he noticed that there are no good hosting companies in the country at that time. For those who were serving in the market the quality of service they have is not so satisfactory. As a continuation of this Riham founded IT Nut Hosting in 2014.




In the long run since 2013, Riham has successfully worked with over 300+ clients and helped them grow their business. At first Riham only provided web development services but later also provided digital marketing services. Still Riham sometimes freelances as a hobby in his free time.

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MIT Park Ltd

MIT Park is a global IT service provider based in Bangladesh. Riham is currently the CO-Founder and CEO of MIT Park LTD.


Nut Digital LLC

Rock & Roll Your Online Journey, Nut Digital is an online digital service provider agency. Initially, Riham managed projects at Nut Digital, but now he is only a founder and advisor.

IT Nut Hosting logo

IT Nut Hosting

During this long period from 2014 to 2019 Riham led the full team of IT Nut Hosting and served as its CEO. The company grows over time as the team members continue to grow and Riham began to focus on others businesses. In 2021 Riham officially resign as CEO of IT Nut Hosting and his younger brother Abul Bashar Robin took over as the new CEO. Riham is currently the Founder and advisor of IT Nut Hosting.