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The contact form is one of the most important features of a website. A visitor can contact you through the contact form. Through the form, a visitor sends his email, Phone number and important message to you. For that, a contact form is very essential for both communication or data gathering purposes. So, let’s learn about “How to setup contact form for your website

  • You need a valid email address using your domain. You can create an email using cPanel or subscribe to our premium mail service.

Read this article to know: How can I create a personal email from my domain on cPanel?

  • For the contact form, you will need to install and activate a contact form plugin. In this case, we will use “Contact form 7” plugin to create a contact form for our website.

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  • After install and active contact form 7, you can see a “Contact” option in your WordPress dashboard. Click on the “contact” link and goto contact form 7 dashboard.
  • In the dashboard, you can see a dummy contact form. You can edit this for your website site or create a new one. In this case, we will be editing the dummy contact form. Hit edit and go to the next page.

contact form

  • From this menu bar, you can add more options for your contact form. After you have completed adding your options click the “mail” option.

  • On this page, you need to configure your mailing address. To: your admin email address.Form: valid email address using your domain for the contact formSubject, Additional headers, Message body is already added by default. If you need to change that, you can do it.

  • After completing step 6, hit the “save” button and copy this code.

  • Hover your mouse pointer on “page” and click on “add new”
  • Add a page title, click on the text and paste the code

  • Finally hit the published button and go to contact us URL

  • Visit the contact form and fill all the fields for testing your contact form. If you see any error like “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.” then you need to setup SMTP email for your WordPress Website. To setup it, read this article on: How to set up SMTP email for my WordPress Website?

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