How to set up SMTP email for my WordPress Website?

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By default, PHP mail() function is disabled on our shared hosting server for security reason and to prevent spam. But don’t worry, you can set up SMTP email on your website and achieve the same functionality and even reach inbox more often!

On this guide, we will walk you through how you can use SMTP mail on your WordPress website. To set up SMTP mail, you must have that email created on your control panel first. Once your email is created, you can use any SMTP plugin available for WordPress to setup SMTP. Here, we are using the plugin called “WP Mail SMTP”.

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel. Go to the Plugins and then click on “Add New” button.
  2. Search for the plugin called “WP Mail SMTP” and then click on “Install Now” button to install that plugin.
    Install WP Mail SMTP Plugin
  3. After the plugin is installed, click on the “Activate” button to activate that plugin.
    Activate WP Mail SMTP
  4. Go to “WP Mail SMTP” > “Settings” from the sidebar and you will see the options to configure the plugin.
  5. Here, you will find the following fields:
    From Email: The email address from which the emails will be sent.
    From Name: Sender name that you want to have for the emails.
    Return-Path: If you want to receive undelivered emails to the sender email, you can check this box. If you do not want to receive bounced emails, leave it unchecked.
    Mailer: Select the option “Other SMTP”
    SMTP Host: The hostname for outgoing mail server which you can find from your control panel. For example
    Encryption: We recommend using TLS for encryption.
    SMTP Port: Set 465 for SSL or 587 for TLS.
    Auto TLS: If your server supports TLS, you can enable this option. If you have selected TLS, you will not see this option.
    Authentication: Set it to “On”
    SMTP Username: Full email address.
    SMTP Password: Password of your email address.
    SMTP Setup Plugin
  6. Click on the “Save Settings” button at the bottom to save the changes.
  7. To verify your settings, go to the Email Test tab and then enter one of your email address for test and then click on Send Mail. If your settings are correct, you should receive an email from that mail that you have just set up.
    Test SMTP Email

If you have any queries regarding SMTP mail,  feel free to let us know.

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