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By requesting a reset of your shared hosting account, you accept the fact that all data, settings and other configurations on your hosting account will be permanently removed. The account will revert to a full new state as it was in at first. Usually, Account Reset requests are made when the problem of the hosting cannot be resolved by the customer and they want to start over on fresh cPanel. For that reason, always keep a local backup of the full cPanel account from the cPanel dashboard. Account resetting will also reset the package status, if the package resource allocation has been changed since you bought the package, then you will get package allocation as of the current package. For example, if you bought Nut Gold Package with 5 GB Storage and 2 Core CPU and after few years, the package has been modified to 10 GB storage and 1 Core CPU then you will get the new package (with 1 Core CPU) if you reset the account at that time.

If you understand the terms and still want to reset your account, please open a support ticket after logging into your account.

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