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With thousands of new domains registered every day, you might think that there is no good domain name left to register. But that is not true. You can find great domain names even now, and for that, you do not need to go for any other domain extension than .com. As .com domains are well known and reputed domain names, we always recommend choosing a domain with a .com extension unless you have some specific reason to use another extension. As you think up some domain ideas for your business, you can easily check its availability with IT Nut Hosting. Just go to our domain registration page, enter the domain name that you want to check, and click on the “Search Domain” button.

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If you entered a domain name that is unavailable, then we will show you some other variations of your domain that you may like. If you like what you see there then you can add them to the cart. otherwise, continue with searching other domain names. If your chosen domain name is available, don’t hesitate to take it as soon as possible because new domain name ideas are being generated and taken up by domain grabbers around the world every day. Just add your domain to the cart and order your domain as usual. Here are some common questions that might come up to your mind while registering a domain name:

Do I need hosting to buy a domain name?

No, buying hosting is not a requirement while buying a domain name. You can choose your domain anytime and get it without any hosting service. However, when you want to host a website with your domain name, you will need a hosting service to do it because your website data needs a place to reside for public use. You can buy hosting later, or if you already have a hosting service and it supports using multiple domains in it, you can use that too! If you are planning to sell your domain name later, then you might never need hosting for the domain name.

Can I register my domain name for more than 1 year?

Yes! You can register your domain name for up to 10 years with IT Nut Hosting. After you have added the domain name to the cart and proceed to checkout and select domain configuration, you will find the option to change domain registration year on the next page (Review and Checkout Page). You can select 1, 2, 5- or 10-year periods to register your domain. It is very helpful when you want to secure your domain name for a longer period and avoid any price changes in the future.

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Will I be charged for the free addons (email forwarding, DNS management) from the next year?

No, the free addons such as  DNS management service that we provide are free forever. As you renew your domain name in the next year, those services will also be renewed for free without any extra charge.

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