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To log in to the IT Nut Hosting client area, you should use the Email and Password that you have used to register on our website during your first order. If you forgot the password, you can always use the “Forgot Password?” link to reset your password.

You can log in to cPanel directly from the client area without any password requirement. But if you wish to log in to the cPanel directly, keep in mind that the cPanel login details are different from the client area login. The cPanel login details have been sent to you when you have confirmed the hosting order

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You should have an email in your inbox or spam folder with the subject “Web Hosting cPanel Account Information” that contains the login details for the cPanel interface. If you have forgotten the cPanel login details, you can always refer to that email. If you can not find the email, please contact us via a support ticket from your account and we will assist you to recover the cPanel login details.

Note: Trying the wrong login details multiple times your IP address will be automatically blocked from our system due to security. You can unblock or remove your blocked IP from the client area. In this case, you can easily unblock from the Unblock IP section by logging into your client area from another IP or using a VPN. Or you can see this guideline for unblocking. If that happens, you can contact us via our live chat support, or helpline number, or submit a ticket with your public IP address.
You can also email us at with your IP address so that we can help you unblock the IP address.

To get your public IP address

Please search by typing “what is my IP” in Google. Or you can directly get your public IP address from

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