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After building a website there can be different types of attacks. DDOS Attack and Ping of Death is one of them. The full meaning of DoS is Distributed Denial of Service. These two attacks basically send an unusual rate of traffic to the site which results in a lot of resources being used on the site and the site becomes slow or down. Because of this, normal visitors can’t visit the site or can get an error.

There are several security protections that can be taken to prevent this type of attack. However, if for some reason someone is attacked on the website, it is possible to get rid of the bot attacks using Cloudflare’s Under Attack Mode tool. Cloudflare Under Attack Mode basically filters Unusual traffic and provides a barrier to hit on the site.

Normally, when a visitor visits, he is shown a notification page with some information stating that your browser is being checked before you visit the domain. Basically, this way you have to wait for 5 seconds. And after 5 seconds the visitor will be redirected to the main site. This is how Cloudflare Under Attack Mode protects the site from bot attacks. image2

Now we will learn how to enable Cloudflare Under Attack Mode for a specific site.

If your site is not added to Cloudflare, you have to add your website to Cloudflare. If you don’t have an account on Cloudflare first open an account on Cloudflare then add a website to Cloudflare. If you don’t know how to add a site on Cloudflare, you can follow this guideline:

After setting the website to Cloudflare, click on your site to enable Cloudflare Under Attack Mode. image5

You can see a new page like below. Click on Firewall. image4

Then click on settings. image1

You can see another page like below. Now click the drop-down menu from the Security Level section you will see the medium is selected by default. Now select I’m Under Attack. image3

Cloudflare Under Attack Mode is enabled successfully. For Disable I’m Under Attack Mode change the status only.

We learned about I’m Under Attack mode. And we learn how to enable and disable it. Then we will How to get free SSL for any website from Cloudflare?

এই কনটেন্ট বাংলায় পড়ুন: Cloudflare Under Attack Mode কি এবং কিভাবে এটি এনাবল এবং ডিসেবল করা যায়?

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