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What is Addon Domain

There are two types of domains other than Sub Domains on cPanel. Those are the main domain and the Addon Domain. The domain that you used to buy your hosting is the main domain. And the extra domains (if any) that you can add to the same cPanel would be Addon Domains. How many addon domains you can add to your hosting account will depend on the hosting package that you are buying. Addon domain works like the main domain and you can upload the website’s files under the specified folder under “public_html” for that addon domain. Addon domain fully functions as a domain name and you can later create subdomains for the addon domains too. Like any other domain name, you need to change the nameserver of that domain to our nameservers in order to get it working with our hosting service.

How to create an Addon domain

First, log in to your cPanel and click on “Addon Domains” located in the domains section.

addon sub domain 2

Here you will find the necessary options to add your domain to your cPanel account as an addon domain
In here, you will find,

addon sub domain 1

New Domain Name: Enter the domain that you want to add here. For example, if you want to add ? as your addon domain, the type that domain in this box.
Subdomain: Subdomain field will be filled up once you enter the domain name and click on the subdomain box. Every addon domain is added as a special subdomain on cPanel. But it does have full functionality as the main domain. You do not need to change anything here.
Document Root: This field determines what directory it will choose for your addon domain. You do not need to change anything here too.
FTP Account: You can create a separate FTP account for this addon domain by clicking on the “Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain” checkbox.

Now, click on the “Add Domain” button. That’s it! Your addon domain has been added to your cPanel account.

What is Subdomain?

Any domain that you want to create from an existing domain is called a subdomain. How many subdomains you can add to your hosting account will depend on the hosting package that you are buying. subdomain works as a child domain of an existing domain (i.e. and you can upload the files of the website under the specified folder under “public_html” for that subdomain.

How to create a new Sub Domain?

First, log in to your cPanel and click on “Subdomains” located in the domains section. You will find the options to add a new subdomain.

Enter the first part of your subdomain on the “Subdomain” box. Then select the domain that you want to use to create the subdomain from the “Domain” dropdown menu.

addon sub domain 3

The Document Root folder will be automatically filled, so you do not need to edit anything on this box.

Note: The Addon Domain/Subdomain and Document Root fields will auto-populate. If you want the addon domain to use a different directory or folder, enter the directory name in the Document Root field. Sometimes you already have content uploaded to a specific folder on your account, or you want the content to be in a different folder than the default. In that case, you would specify the correct folder in the Document Root field in the Addon Domains section. If the folder does not exist, cPanel will create one for you. If you have troubling to change the documents root contact us.

Now click on the Create button and your subdomain will be created.

You can see the successful message of subdomain creation.

How to create an Addon or Sub Domain in the Jupiter Theme.

If you are using the Jupiter theme, you need to click on Domain.

sub1 1

Now Click Create a New Domain button to create a subdomain or Addon Domain.

sub2 1

In the Domain field, Enter the domain that you would like to create. It could be subdomain or Addon Domain you want to create. After that, uncheck the check box of ‘share document root’ options for create the domain outside the “public_html” directory and then click on the Submit button.

Screenshot 39

Note: If the document root is shared then the created domain will serve the same content as “primary domain”. This setting is permanent.

Congratulations!! You have been successfully creating your Addon or Sub Domain.

Let us know, if you have any further questions. Thanks

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