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Every single website has two main extensions and that is domain and Hosting. In the case of a live website, the domain is connected with hosting and has a fixed IP address. Many times you may need to know from which IP or Server your website is loading. You may know it in three ways-

  • By checking the welcome mail
  • Using ping Command
  • Using global DNS checker

By checking the welcome mail

After purchasing any hosting package, your hosting provider will send you a welcome mail. In this mail, you will get the full server details of your hosting.

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Using ping command:

Go to the search bar of your computer and type cmd. You will find an application to run command lines. Open the application.

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After opening the application you will see this type of interface.

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Here you have to ping your domain. Type ping <space> and press Enter button. Here you will find from which IP address is assigned for your website. Sometimes it can’t work due to the IP response being turned off from the server.

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Using Global DNS checker:

You can find the address which is assigned for your website using a global DNS checker. For this visit DNS Checker then you will see a search box, now type your domain name here and click the search button. Now it will show you the IP address.

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You can also visit and type your domain name in the search box and click the Report button.

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You will see the nameservers and the IP addresses of your domain.

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Get server Details using IP Address:

Now you know the IP address which is assigned to your website. Using the IP address you can find from which server your website is loading. For this follow the steps below-

First copy the IP address. Now visit and paste the IP address to the search box and click the search button.

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Now you will see the full server information of your website.

What is a Nameserver and DNS Record?

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Now you know how to find out the sever details of a website. When you need to know the server details of any website, you can do that following the steps above.

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