From the cPanel file manager, you can browse, upload/download, modify or delete your website files. It’s one of the easiest ways to work with your website files. To use the file manager, follow these steps:
1. First, Log in to your cPanel

2. Here you will find many options. Now scroll down and go to the Files section. You will find the “File Manager” option here. Click on it.


You will be redirected to the File Manager, where you can upload, download, and delete files on the server.

Settings: Modify the settings for the File Manager here. (You can show or hide hidden files from here)


Action Toolbar: Use this toolbar to interact with the files on the server.

Screenshot 1

Location:  Your location relative to your hosting root directory.

Public_html is your default document root directory.


If you use addon domain you can go to the it’s document root directory by following this guideline:

Go to the domain section and click on subdomain or addon domain.


Now click on the Document root link


Files Structure: Tree view of the directory structure of the directory you are currently in.


File List: Displays all the files and folders located within your current directory.


Hope the guide helped you as an introduction to the file manager. If you still have any questions feel free to let us know.

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