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You can see and purchase the details of your preferred RDP package from the link below.
By ordering the RDP package and making the payment, you can easily get all the payment-related information including server details from our system in the inbox of your email account. The email account with which you created and ordered the account at IT Nut Hosting.

1. To connect RDP from your computer, first type RDP or Remote Desktop Connection from the search option on your computer’s taskbar and click on the “Remote Desktop Connection” app.

How to connect to your server via RDP 1

2. You will see a screen like the screenshot shown below. From there click on the “Show Option” down arrow button and click on the “Connect” button with the server information.

How to connect your server via RDP
  • Computer: Enter the server address or IP address from your email here
  • Username: Type administrator here.
How to connect to your server via RDP from windows 1

Note: If you want to save this information here or later login without typing IP, username, you can save it again by clicking the “Save As” button.

3. Now click on the “OK” button with your root password in the password field. However, to log in later without a password, check to Remember Me and click the OK button.

How to connect to your server via RDP from windows 10

4. Then there will be Connection Processing and after some time you will see a new window like the screenshot below. If you do not want to see this window later, check the “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer” and click on the “Yes” button or just click on the Yes button.

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Now you can do your desired work on the Windows RDP of your choice.

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