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If you are the owner, developer, or manager of a website, you must have used a cPanel or some other control panel to manage the server-side of that website. Different functions of a website require different PHP extensions at different times which must be used for a specific feature. These features need to be enabled or disabled at different times as needed.

cPanel is the most used control panel for Linux-based servers. Many times need to run many kinds of scripts. So it is necessary to change or manage many extensions for different tasks. So in this step, we will see how to enable or disable PHP extensions in cPanel.

You can easily manage PHP extensions for your hosting by following the easy steps below.

  1. First, please log in to your cPanel.
image4 1
  1. After logging in, type PHP Version in the search box above, then you will see below Select PHP version as below picture.


Scroll down to the software section and you can see the Select PHP version click on it.

image4 9

On this page, you will see the extension option. Click on the Extension.

image1 8
  1. Now you can see a page of extension you can see all of the possible extensions for your version of PHP listed here.

The extension you need to enable in this list will be enabled by clicking on the check box before the name of the extension. And when you enable your extension, you will see a successful message.

In the same way, to disable a PHP extension, just remove the tick mark in front of it and it will be disabled.

image2 1

This way you can easily manage the extensions as you need.

If you need a PHP extension that you can’t find, you can let your hosting provider know. They will assist you in this matter

There are some PHP extensions that can only support are enabled in certain PHP versions.

If you need that kind of extension, you need to use that specific PHP version to enable to use that extension.

In this topic, we how to manage different PHP extensions. Next, Now we will learn how to change the PHP version. Now we will learn about How to change hosting PHP configuration and check PHP configuration?

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