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Website is one of the most important things in the online platform.  Each website has its own Content Management System (CMS) or use a different CMS platform. The most famous and widely used content management systems are WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.

The most used of these is WordPress. WordPress CMS is used in about 37% of the most used websites.

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The biggest advantage of WordPress as a CMS is  WordPress can be configured and modified as desired. You can increase WordPress functionality using any plugin in WordPress as your wish and you can also develop the required plugins.

If you have a WordPress website, you can easily optimize your WordPress website by following the easiest steps below.

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Use the Fastest speed and Transparent Hosting service

The optimization of a website depends on the CMS and the theme it also depends on the good hosting. That means the hosting you use if it is not so fast or transparent, doesn’t matter how optimized you have done on your website, you will not get such performance there that you can get from a fast speedy hosting or transparent hosting service.

As such, it is important to use a good theme, good CMS, and good plugins as well as the services of a good hosting provider.

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Using the latest updates of WordPress

It is important to use updated WordPress to get better performance. Since WordPress is a free and widely used CMS so new and optimized code updates are needed to make WordPress more user-friendly which helps reduce the CPU usage of your hosting. So always using the latest updates of WordPress is very important for the good performance of your website. To get better results use updated and premium service of all elements.

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Be careful in choosing plugins

The use of plugins is very important in the case of WordPress CMS to increase any function. Those who use WordPress already, know plugins are how important for a website on such CMS. Plugins help speed up your website and they can also damage your website. So of course you have to keep that in mind while selecting the plugin that you want to use how it will be useful for your website.

It is better to do the work that can be done through coding on the website without using more plugins for optimization. And identify and remove plugins that are damaging the website. At the same time when selecting plugins, you have must select high-quality plugins for your site.

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Set web Crawling bots limit

Web Crawler often causes resource problems for a WordPress site. That means when a website has a large number of web crawlers and bots, the website is always on the Crawling which impacts the hosting resources of the website. Because of that many times, the visitor does not get the website live or the website loading takes too long. So it is possible to optimize the WordPress website better by keeping a limit on Crawling and limiting bots.

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Choosing SEO friendly theme

Sometimes theme coding can cause problems for a WordPress site. Luckily it’s easy to test. You can easily check the error log in WordPress or the resource monitor available from the hosting provider. A well-coded theme enhances your WordPress optimization results. So before choosing a theme, you must check if the theme is SEO friendly and if there is any coding problem in the theme. If there is a problem you can talk to the theme developer to fix it or choose a new theme.

The changes and suggestions discussed above will help you optimize your WordPress website. However, we suggest that if you know little about it or are new to it, you must contact a developer. And you can talk to them about your website optimization and your theme optimization.

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