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You can easily set up Reverse DNS or rDNS from IT Nut Hosting VPS Management Section. To do that, log in to Virtualizor End User Panel by following these steps: First, Log in to the client area, click on the “Services” or you can also click “My Services” under the Services section in your left-hand-side menu bar.


You will see your VPS service and other hosting services (if any) listed on the next page. Select your VPS and click on the Three Dots, which you want to Set Up(RDNS). Then click on “View Details”.

image5 11

  • On the VPS management page scroll down to the “Server Information” section.

Click on the Reverse DNS link from there. On the new page, select the IP address from the down arrow button, enter the fully qualified domain name that you want to set up in the “Domain Name” section, and then click on the “Add Reverse DNS” button.

image1 14

You will see through a success message that you and RDNS have been added. That’s it! Your Reverse DNS setup has been completed.

How To Delete And Update RDNS?

On the same page, you can delete your PTR/RDNS record. For this, click the “Cross icon” next to the record you want to delete.

image2 12

You will see through a success message on your window. Now you can set up a new RDNS under the previously deleted IP. And you can check your RDNS update or DNS propagation from here.

If you need to setup, delete or update multiple RDNS, you can do it in the same way.

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