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If you want you can manage or turn off all SMS Notifications from your IT Nut Hosting client area as you wish.

When you make an order from IT Nut Hosting, your email notifications and SMS notifications are also turned on to notify you about various important information about your service and its relates. This allows you to be notified at any time about the status of your service and the due bill of your domain and hosting Service and many more.

If you want you can also manage a variety of SMS notifications related to your client area and service. E.g.

  • Client Affiliate Activation Notification
  • Service Cancellation Request Alert 
  • Service Change Package Notification
  • Client Password Change Notification
  • Domain Registration Alert 
  • Domain Renew Remainder 
  • Domain Second Overdue Remainder 
  • Domain Transfer Notification
  • Domain Third Overdue Remainder 
  • Invoice Created Notification
  • Invoice First Overdue Remainder

Without these notifications, you can also manage more notification alerts from your IT Nut Hosting client area.

Follow the procedure below to turn off SMS notifications from your client area:

Firstly log in to your IT Nut Hosting Client Area. To turn off SMS Notification from the client area click on your Account Name in the Account section from the top on the right side of the Dashboard.

image2 3

You will see a drop-down menu, click on SMS Notification there.

image1 1

There you can see the options to turn on or off SMS notifications for your different types of services. You can also turn it on and off as needed as you want. You can also turn off all notifications at once.

image3 1

After making any changes click on the Save Change button to save the settings.

We have learned how to manage SMS Notifications from the client’s area. Then we will know how to upgrade the hosting service as per your choice.

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