You are currently viewing I am unable to import demo data for my WordPress theme, what should I do?

WordPress themes come with many features, and you can import the demo content provided by the theme authors to completely utilize theme functions from the start. If you are facing any issue importing your WordPress website demo content, it can occur due to the default PHP settings on your hosting account. Usually, the error message will give you some hints about what is going on or where the problem is. For example, there is an error message for the Virtue theme:

“Some items have not been completely installed. This is likely due to your server’s max execution time.”

That message indicates that the PHP max_execution_time is limiting the feature. You can follow this guide to modify your PHP limits. Increasing the limits as needed should fix the importing issue.
If you still face any problem importing, look through your theme’s documentation, or if it’s possible to reach the author then they will provide you the exact solution to your problem.

Sometimes the issue could also be poor coding on the theme. Mismatch of required PHP version for the theme can also create problems. You can change the PHP version for your websites by following this guide. The best option is to search through google with your theme name and the problem you are facing. If nothing above works for you, feel free to contact us via support ticket and we will try our best to help you through the issue.

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