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As all our hosting packages offer a free SSL certificate with it, you will get an SSL certificate generated for your domain within 24 hours. After the SSL is active, you can visit your website with https:// at the beginning of your domain. At this point, you might see some issues with your SSL on the website and the padlock icon might not appear, instead, a message “Website Not Fully Secured” will be shown. This can happen if the content of the websites is not fully optimized for SSL. Meaning that: the links and scripts on the website still contain links with http:// instead of https:// as an internal or external source.

This can be fixed by manually modifying your website codes. You can also try installing the “Really Simple SSL” plugin on WordPress which will fix the problem. That plugin will also help you redirect your visitors from http:// to https:// version automatically. If you want to do the redirection from http to https manually, You can follow the article How to redirect users from HTTP to HTTPS using htaccess? You can also check the SSL issues on your website from

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