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 What is hosting?

Hosting is a space that can be accessed using the Internet and all the files of a website are hosted here. When you visit a website, you can see different designs, texts, images, videos, etc. These types of files of a website are stored in hosting.

When you create a website, you have to keep the files of your website in one place. You can also make your website live by storing these files on your local computer. But it is not always possible to keep your local computer on and connected to the internet. So it is needed to host your website files on a computer that will always be active and will have an internet connection. Hosting is that type of computer which will always be on and connected to the internet. Web hosting is a space of a web server. The web server has an around-the-clock internet connection which makes it easy for everyone to visit the website from anywhere using specific protocols.

 Use of Web Hosting

In order to bring a website in front of its visitors, it needs to be hosted on a web hosting site. If you upload your website files to your local computer and if your computer is disconnected from the Internet or shut down then your website will be down. So you have to host your website files to web hosting to stay your website always live. Web hosting servers stay on for 24 hours of a day and use a 24-hour super-fast Internet connection. As a result, there is no fear of the website going down. By connecting domain and hosting, websites are kept live. You need to connect domain and hosting through nameservers or DNS records to make your website live. You can follow this guideline to know by changing nameserver how to connect a domain with hosting.

After connecting the domain and hosting when a visitor visits the website, website files will be accessed from the web server by the DNS system and the website will show in front of the visitor. Click here to know what DNS is and how it works.

 Why is paid hosting better?

Why is paid hosting better?

Hosting is usually paid. Sometimes few companies offer free hosting to build and publish websites. Free hosting can be used to host a website, but it has a number of limitations, such as very little space can be used to host a website. Many times you may need to enable or disable kinds of server requirements that are important but not available on the server. The server is much less powerful than it needs to be. Server loading time can be much longer which is harmful to your website. Many times technical problems occur because the server cannot load or handle in a popper way. Also, the amount of space that is supposed to be given is not present. Also if there are any problems, you will not get any help from their support team. And the main thing is security, the security system of free hosting is very weak, so there is a possibility of unauthorized access to data or site at any time. There is also a risk of data being deleted from the server for any type of reason. Customers can’t have full access to such servers. They can’t access all of the categories in their hosting.

In that case, paid hosting does not have these types of hosting. Customers will get full access to their hosting. Hosting speeds are getting better and also get support from their support team in case of any problem. For example, IT Nut Hosting provides 24/7 support service to their customers. If you need a requirement for your website from the server level, their technical support will also help you. In paid hosting, the security system is also strong. If you take paid hosting from a good provider, you don’t have to worry about losing the data of your website. Click here to see the hosting packages of IT Nut Hosting.

We learned what hosting is and its details. Now we will know what the domain is and its details.

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