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When you buy a server for hosting and the provider gives you an IP address. You can set up a private nameserver such as and where is your own domain name. In this way, you can add your own branding for your domain nameserver

How To Set Up Private Name Server

You can easily set up the private nameserver for your domain and point it to your server. To do that, follow the instructions given below:

Sign into the IT Nut Hosting client area. Then from the Dashboard click on the “Domains” or you can also click “Manage Domain” under the Domains section in your left-hand sidebar.

image6 8

You will be taken to a list of the domains that you currently own. Click on the Three Dots button beside your domain name. You can find the Manage Domain option located at the drop-down menu. Click the “Manage Domain” button


Check the right-hand side Manage bar and click on the “Private Nameservers” link

image5 10

On the next page, you will find the options to register a new private nameserver, modify an existing nameserver or delete an existing private nameserver of your domain. Enter the nameserver prefix on the Nameserver text box.

How do I register personal nameservers for my domain

For example, ns1 or ns2 enter the IP address of the server on the IP Address text box. Then click on “Save Changes”
If you want to add multiple nameservers, you need to repeat these steps again.

image1 13

How can I update my personal nameserver’s IP address?

If you want to edit or update nameserver’s IP addresses, you need to follow these steps.

  • Go to Modify a NameServer IP
  • Type Nameserver
  • Type Current IP Address
  • Type New IP Address
  • Click Save Changes button.
image3 9

After clicking the “Save Changes” button you will see a confirmation message. You have successfully modified your nameserver IP address.

How can I delete my Private Nameserver Record?

If you no longer need the private nameserver for the domains that you have created, you can remove them easily too! Just follow these steps:

  • From the same interface to create domain nameserver above, just scroll down and you will find “Delete Nameserver Section”
  • 2.Enter the nameserver prefix that you want to remove on the Nameserver box then click on the Save Changes button. Your specified public nameserver will be removed. For example, if your domain is and you want to remove, then just enter ns1 on the nameserver box and click on the “Save Changes” button.
image6 9

By following those steps, the nameserver has been successfully removed.

That is it! Once you have set up the private nameserver for your domain from the Client Area, you also need to set A record for them from the hosting control panel too. You might need to contact your service provider for help regarding setting up A record on the hosting environment. If you have to host with us, just follow this!

What username and password should I use for logging into the client area and cPanel?

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