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Redirect means sending any domain visiting request to another domain address. In many domain providers, a domain can be redirected for free from the domain management option. However it may not be done in all providers. Then you have to do it from your hosting. If you have a hosting package in any provider, you can Redirect Domain to another domain for free from the hosting control panel. But if you don’t have any hosting package and you want to Redirect Domain, you can do it for free using Cloudflare.

How to Redirect Domain to Another Domain using Cloudflare

For Redirect Domain using Cloudflare you must need a Cloudflare account first. If you don’t have a Cloudflare account, open an account and log in.

Then add your domain to Cloudflare that you want to redirect. If you don’t know how to add a domain in Cloudflare, you can follow this guideline: How can I add Cloudflare for my Domain and Hosting?

Now click on your domain name. free redirect cloudflare 2

A new window will appear in front of you. Here click the Rule option and then click Create Page Rule. free redirect cloudflare 1

Now type the domain name that you want to redirect on the box named If the URL matches and select Forwarding URL from the drop-down menu named Then the settings are. free redirect cloudflare 3

After selecting the Forwarding URL two other options will appear in front of you and they are 301 – Permanent Redirect and 302 – Temporary Redirect. Selce any of them. free redirect cloudflare 4

Now type that URL where you want to redirect your domain on the box named Enter destination URL. Then click the Save and Deploy button. free redirect cloudflare 6

Congrats! You have successfully redirected your domain.

free redirect cloudflare 5 1 1

This is the simple process to redirect a domain to another domain or URL for free using Cloudflare. If you need to redirect your domain, just follow the process and do it.

এই কনটেন্ট বাংলায় পড়ুন: কিভাবে Cloudflare ব্যবহার করে একটি Domain কে অন্য Domain এ Redirect করতে পারি ?

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