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After Buying Hosting and Domain, You have to do

After you have bought the hosting from IT Nut Hosting, it is very easy to get your website live. If you have bought both domains and hosting in the same order, usually the nameserver of the domain is automatically set to point to our hosting server. You do not need to change your nameserver in that case. But if you have bought the domain separately or have it with another provider, then you will need to change the nameserver of that domain to point to hosting. The nameserver that you need to set will be sent to you via email after your order is confirmed. Usually, you will need to use and for all of our cPanel hostings.

after I have bought hosting and domain?

After your domain and hosting are connected together, you can use the File Manager from the hosting control panel or FTP to upload your files to the web server and your website will be live. We also have a Softaculous app installer and one-click WordPress installer so that you can install WordPress or other CMS on your hosting with just a few clicks.

If you still need further information regarding your domain and hosting configuration, feel free to contact us anytime regarding this.

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