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How can I transfer my hosting account to IT Nut Hosting?

Website transfer needs to be smooth and an ideal hosting transfer would not cause any downtime for your website. If you want to transfer your hosting from another website to us, please contact our support and they will assist you to transfer your hosting to us. In order to do a transfer without downtime, your old hosting should be active too. Once your website files have been transferred to us, then you can point your domain to our server by changing your domain nameserver to our nameserver.  After the new nameserver has been set, some of the visitors will start to see the website from our server and other visitors will still see the website from the previous server. This is due to DNS propagation and it should take up to 24 hours for the DNS propagation to be completed everywhere. That’s why it is ideal to keep your previous server active till 48-72 hours after the transfer to avoid any kind of downtime.

Here is some guideline on how to request a transfer for your cPanel shared hosting account

Our support team can help you transfer your active cPanel hosting account from another provider or if you have a full cPanel backup for your website. If your previous hosting cPanel is active and you want to transfer it to us, please follow these steps:

  1. Get any of our hosting packages from here
  2. Open a support ticket to our technical department for your website transfer with the following details:
    • Your cPanel login details of the previous hosting provider.
    • If you only want to transfer your website and nothing else and your website is on WordPress, providing WordPress access would help fast transfer process.
    • SSH access if possible. This will also speed up the process
  3. Our technical support team will begin the transfer process of your website. It is necessary to have your previous hosting account active for 48-72 hours after you place the transfer request to provide us time to complete the transfer and avoid any downtime for your visitors.

If you have a full cPanel backup for your website, you can upload that backup into cPanel file manager or if you have the backup somewhere in the web, you can provide us the link via support ticket and we will restore it for you.

What username and password should I use for logging into the client area and cPanel?

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