To create a website you have to start by purchasing its hosting and domain. And in the case of some websites, marketing starts before the website is created. At this time, if any visitor comes to the website, they should think that something is wrong, so it is necessary to set the website under the maintenance page or to reveal that the work of the website is going on. Or it is a necessity if the website needs to update for any kind of emergency. The time from the beginning of creating a website until it’s complete the website is called under Maintenance time of a website and the web landing page that is created at this time is also called Maintenance Page.

What is a website Maintenance Page?

When website making procedure is running Or a website is under Maintenance for any issues or any bug then a landing page is published by the website owner so that the visitors of the website are not misguided during website maintenance. This type of page is called a website under maintenance page. This webpage tells the visitor that the website you are trying to access is temporarily closed for some necessary work is ongoing at the moment.

It does not highlight the bad aspects of your website in any way. This Only Protects Your Website Visitors From thaught they are deceived for a while.

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Benefits of Website Maintenance Page

A website maintenance page is very important for a trusted website and its admin. Some of the features and benefits of the maintenance page are mentioned below

  • This protects your regular visitors from thinking they are being deceived.
  • This does not allow your website to be completely offline.
  • In addition to providing various information on the maintenance pages, a timer can be set so that visitors can see exactly how long it takes for the website to go live.
  • It is very easy to install in the domain and requires a short time.
  • Keep visitors active on all other platforms by linking to social media or any other website and platform links. 

How to set up a maintenance page at IT Nut Hosting

IT Nut Hosting has a built-in tool called Website maintenance page builder (Site Publisher) with all the packages of Web Hosting. No Special Permission is required for this.

image2 6
Let’s take a look at how to publish maintenance pages using IT Nut Site Publisher.

It is very easy to create a website maintenance page in IT Nut Hosting. If you have never created such a webpage before, you can easily create a maintenance page for your domain by following the steps below.

  1. First, please log in to your Cpanel. 
  2. Search by typing site publisher in the search box or scroll to the domain section. You will find this application in the Domains section click on it
image1 4
  1.  Here is a list of all the domains in your Cpanel Click on the radio button on the right side of the domain which you want to install the Maintenance webpage.
image4 4
  1. After Clicking a window will be open from the bottom and here it will be asked to select a template. Select the template of your choice that is similar or you want to use with your website.
image6 3
  1. Then another window will open in front of you where you have to fill in all the information of your website Such as website name, email address, phone number, address, social media link and you can give a date countdown on when your website will be fully created or on what date your website will be published, etc.
image3 4

If you want to make your v-card, where only your information will be shown, you can also make it.

  1. If you click on the Publish button at the end of the maintenance page will be installed on your website. And you can see a Confirmation message.
image5 3

This way you can easily create a website maintenance webpage for your website and you can share it with your visitors. This will protect your visitors from fraudulent activity and your website will not be offline it will be online all the time.

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