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Mail Basic

1530 / 1st Year
160 / mo
1530 / 1st Year
2652 / 2 Years
3672 / 3 Years
  • 10 GB email space
  • 2 GB personal drive file storage
  • Spam & Virus Filtering
  • Webmail: GroupOffice
  • Free Email Migration from other providers.

Mail Enhanced

3570 / 1st Year
330 / mo
3570 / 1st Year
6528 / 2 Years
8874 / 3 Years
  • 25 GB Enhanced mailbox
  • 15 GB personal drive file storage
  • Spam & Virus Filtering
  • Webmail: GroupOffice
  • Free Email Migration from other providers.

Custom Pack

Custom / 1st Year
Custom / mo
Custom / 1st Year
Custom / 2 Years
Custom / 3 Years
  • Upto 50 GB Enhanced mailbox
  • Upto 50 GB personal drive file storage
  • Spam & Virus Filtering
  • Webmail: GroupOffice
  • Free Email Migration from other providers.

Pro Features for Business

User Friendly Interface

Cloud Storage & Security

What’s Amazing About Business Email

new Fast Support

Easy to use interface

You can access your email service from your PC or your Phone with our intuitive and responsive dashboard. The beautifully designed email client will give you a great experience on all your devices.

new Server Uptime

Stay Secured from Malware Attack

Our inbuild anti-virus protects your inbox and secures your files so that you do not accidentally download any malware from the emails.

Fast Website Loading

Cloud & Dedicated Storage

Never lose access to your precious data with our remote backup servers. All your data will be backed up to a separate location providing you access to your data even in times of disaster.

newSecure Hosting Platform

A service that you can rely on

With our 100% Network uptime and High-End redundant email system, you will get reliable service which ensures zero data loss.

new Moneyback Guarantee

Manage Tasks, Calendars, Contacts

Get more productive with your tasks by managing your to-do list, contacts, and calendar with our productivity tools that you will get with the service.

new Free Migration

One-stop solution for Business

Get all your business apps and email in one dashboard. Easily Use Docs, Spreadsheet, Presentation apps, and your branded business email all from one cloud solution.

Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Go for one week risk free trail. Your purchase is secured our 30 days moneyback guarantee. *Conditions apply

Business Email

People need to create business emails or emails in a personal way. A business email reveals our business or personality. So we all want to create an email in our own name where we can create an email without the help of any other company.

There are many businesses especially online businesses where you have to mail to different needs or to different clients. In that case, we use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or other mails, etc. But a business mail plays a very effective role in furthering our company or business organization and usually promotes the organization.

Suppose, you need to send mail to a customer. So if you mail him with the help of Gmail, he will probably understand that you haven’t mailed from your company. However, he reads your mail or from the name of the mail. But if you use a business mail, then he can understand it from a company by reading the mail or by looking at the extension in your mail, not by reading the mail separately or by looking at the name.

What is Business Email?

Business email is about creating an email using your domain name as an extension. The importance of business email for branding your own company or business is immense. Your brand value will increase manifold to visitors or customers. So, the idea has come up with the details of how to create a branding email or business email.
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How Does Business Email Work?

To create a professional email you need to purchase a business email hosting. You have to buy the domain in the name of your business. That is, you need to buy the domain in the name under which you want to create the mail. If you create forwarded mail, you will be able to see the emails in your email address that will actually be forwarded to your Gmail or other emails. Also when you buy domain hosting, you can create a business email as well as create a site for your business with it.

Why is Business Email Important?

While the necessary explanation behind having a business email address helps your clients identify you, there are many more that can be added to the overview. Take a look at the importance of business mail BD here.
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When you create individual and group email addresses with your domain, you make sure that every email that comes out has a standard format and thus maintains continuity.

malware security

Keeps You Away from Spam

While using a business email service, your customers recognize your brand name and they will stop thinking you are spam. If you use a generic email account, your emails may end up not receiving the recognition they deserve and end up being scammed.


Security & Control

You have complete control over your business email and also business mail is secure enough from other mail services.


To Promote Your Brand

You can promote your brand with every email you send, including your business name to your business mail address. That way you will remember them for a long time.

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A corporate email Having an email address that matches your brand shows that you are serious and professional about your business. In this way, your business will be accepted seriously by your clients as well, as they may choose and trust a business with a professional email address. For this, you must have the best business mail BD service.


Gain Customer Confidence

When you or your employees send emails using an address that includes your business name, your customers will know for sure if the email came from an authentic source. They will detect you even before you open your content. This will help them build their confidence in you and give them the confidence to respond to your emails or contact your support team. You can do all this through professional email.

Business Email Hosting in Bangladesh

When you are thinking of getting the best email hosting for small businesses, you should definitely consider the Bangladeshi companies at the beginning because email hosting in Bangladesh will give you a much better experience. There are some top providers from which you can safely buy email hosting.

IT Nut Hosting is one of the top email hosting services providers in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a reliable and cheap professional email hosting service then we are the safest and most reliable solution. We are different from others in providing the price and excellent features of email hosting that will prove by using our service. We are providing Business Mail services since 2014 with a good reputation.

Very good if you have technical knowledge in using business email, but if not then don’t worry. Our client area is user-friendly that anyone can use. You can also follow our guidelines to get a clear idea of the rules of easy use.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Business Email

There are some important things to consider before buying a business email. It is not wise to look for cheap business email offers from any provider. So consider the necessary things.

Custom Domain Should Match Your Business

Your business email domain should be relevant to your business. So, make sure the email service you chose allows you to provide a domain of your choice and use it if available.


Full Control

Choose an email hosting service provider that has a strong control panel and allows you to control all of your domain-related settings. Allows users and groups to manage addresses, set restrictions and spam policies, and more. The business email service will guarantee you a good percentage of uptime.

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Collaboration with Other Business Tools

It would be best if there is a way to cooperate with the provider's internal team and have built-in tools like calendars, notes, communication systems, etc.

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Easy Setup

The first step in finding business email providers is to set up your domain with them. While keeping the process simple, make sure your service provider doesn't want to skip the authentication steps you need.


The Advantage of Transfer

Make sure your business email service provider allows you to efficiently migrate all emails, contacts, and other data from your previous provider.

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Protected and Private

Choose a service that assures you of data protection and privacy. Your account should have multiple levels of authentication and end-to-end encryption for your messages. The privacy of personal information that you share with the business mail service should also be a top priority.

Benefits of Using Business Mail Hosting

Email is very important for businesses all over the world these days. Business email address is related to your business name. It is also important that these business email messages are sent using your business name or an official email address associated with your domain instead of the usual/generic email addresses like Gmail or Yahoo.

The official email address helps the client identify your brand. It adds legitimacy to the message and builds trust in the relationship. So to create this kind of branding, every business is associated with a domain associated with your brand or business. Purchase IT Nut Hosting business mail service because our business email service gives you much more including high uptime and premium features than other services.

benefits of business email
business email provider in bangladesh

Best Business Email Provider in Bangladesh

You will find the names of many hosting companies in the search results in the context of the best business email provider in Bangladesh, but you have to choose the one that is right for you by verifying the quality of their service. If you want to get the best business email service then IT Nut Hosting can be a trusted platform for you because IT Nut Hosting has all the features that a good provider needs to have.

The main feature of our business email service is that you can easily access it from your phone or PC with the help of our responsive dashboard. The interface of our email client area will give you a great experience.

Why Buy Business Email from IT Nut Hosting?

We, IT Nut Hosting have some innovations and specialties from the web hosting service providers in Bangladesh. So people are still thinking of taking email hosting service from IT Nut Hosting. Our service has always been appreciated by users because we have been able to maintain our service quality from the beginning. Besides, you will get a very little downtime.

Our high-end redundant email system guarantees you zero data loss. If you want to buy cheap professional email then check out our email hosting packages. We do not offer a very low price, but if you check the quality of the service, the price will hardly seem to you. Also, our dedicated 24/7 customer support will give you a great experience that you will not get from any other hosting provider.

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Business Email FAQ

Business Mail is a service that allows you to create an email account using a custom domain and send, receive mail for all purposes of your business.

Business mail also like ordinary webmail, but the difference is that business mail use a premium mail server, that’s why business mail is less likely to go to the mail spam folder.

With Business Mail, you can send mail to Direct Inbox, custom filter, and secure all your mail information.

Yes, you can use your business email by connecting to Gmail.

Yes, you can use your Business Email by connecting to Outlook.

Yes, you can upgrade to any other package at any time when your mail storage is full.

You can purchase a Business Mail from IT Nut Hosting. Here you can see the Business Email packages from here.

Yes, you can upgrade your Business Email package at any time.

IT Nut Hosting has been providing Business Mail services for 7 years with a good reputation.

If you have technical knowledge then very good, if you do not have technical knowledge, then there is no problem because IT Nut Hosting’s client area is so user friendly and you can easily manage everything by following the IT Nut Hosting’s guideline.

Yes, you can transfer your old Business Mail Service to IT Nut Hosting at any time. IT Nut Hosting will migrate your Mail Service for free.

First of all, choose a Business Mail package of your choice from here, then just share the login information of your previous Service with the IT Nut Team. They will migrate your Mail Service.

Yes, if you do not like the services of IT Nut Hosting then you can transfer your Business Mail from IT Nut to any other place at any time.

You can pay using bkash, rocket, nagad, PayPal, stripe, Payoneer or any bank account also you can pay with any international payment method.

If you use the automatic payment method, the service becomes active as soon as the payment is completed. Manual payment may take a maximum of 24 hours.

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