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High Speed Internet

At RDP you get high-speed internet

Full Root Access

We give full access to RDP packages

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Dedicated IP

With RDP you get premium Dedicated IP

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Instant Activation

Instant service active with payment

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You get high-quality Resources with high configured hardware

Maximum Security

We provide maximum security for the information of all our users

server uptime

99.9% uptime guarantee on all our RDP packages

24/7/365 Support

Our skilled support team is at your service 24/7

Customer Feedback

It’s not our goal to get nice testimonials and reviews, We want to satisfy you Let’s have an amazing ride with us.

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What are we offering in RDP?

We provide commercial RDP at affordable prices and all of our RDP packages use the latest quality hardware. The data of each user is very important to us, so we take various steps to ensure the data security of all our users and at the same time provide full access to RDP users.
RDP Offer
What is RDP

What is RDP?

RDP is a remote Windows computer that is located at your desired location and has a high-speed internet connection. With RDP you can sit in one place and use the computer in another place, the Internet, you can use the computer of any configuration according to the package of your choice.

How does RDP work?

Each RDP has a dedicated IP address. With which you can connect through the Remote Desktop Connection application and use it like a normal computer and you can use RDP in the same way as you use your own computer.
How does RDP work?
How to use RDP?

How to use RDP?

To use RDP first, you need to select an RDP package, then RDP login details will be provided in your email, with that information you can login remote desktop connection and manage all your activities. You do not need to set up any kind of technical set IT hosting team will provide you information after completing all the work. You can manage RDP from both Virtualizer and IT Nut Hosting Client Area.

RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol / Remote Desktop PC is a popular and secure communication protocol developed by Microsoft. This enables administrators to diagnose problems remotely. Those users who are working or traveling from home need access to their computer and at the same time, he is the administrator who can maintain the system.

Remote Desktop PC is a secure and interoperable protocol that creates secure connections between servers, clients, and virtual machines. RDP is used to provide robust physical security through remote data storage.

RDP works great for providing remote access through a dedicated network channel. Packaged data is transmitted by an RDP-enabled service that Microsoft Communications Service indicates to an RDP channel. There, OS RDP data is encrypted and added to a frame to send.
In the context of VPN vs Remote Desktop PC, you may think which is the right solution for you. RDP is important to have complete control over the local computer remotely and VPNs do not get this benefit. You certainly don’t want to sacrifice security when working with sensitive data. If you are considering the best way to provide remote access to a network or device, security comes first. In this case, it is recommended to use VPN. When you’re looking at VPN vs remote desktop options, IT Nut Hosting offers you superior solutions where you get all the benefits of an RDP server without the hassle of setting up additional virtual networks. Network devices like printers can be a VPN solution for easy, secure, extensive remote access.
RDP Service in Bangladesh

RDP Service in Bangladesh

The number of companies providing RDP service in Bangladesh is not less, but you may not always get quality service if you do not buy a good RDP service in Bangladesh. One of the best RDP hosting providers is IT Nut Hosting which has been providing RDP service to a large number of customers since 2014. Along with the features required with our RDP service you will find some more excellent features that set us apart from others.

We provide quality commercial RDP service at affordable prices. The main feature of our service is that the latest quality hardware has been used in each RDP package to give a high-quality performance. In addition, all our users get full access to RDP and we take various steps to ensure the security of all users’ data.

If you are worried about the RDP price in BD then IT Nut Hosting is able to remove that worry because our RDP price is simplified to a flat fee so that you can easily understand without complicated calculations. Also, the price of our packages will be more affordable to you than others. If you want to get the best RDP in Bangladesh we are your only reliable platform.

Few Things to Remember When Buying RDP

There are some things to consider before buying an RDP service because not everyone offers good service. In the case of RDP, you may have some doubts about service, price, quality, support. So check these beforehand.
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RDP Provider

You might think that when buying RDP hosting, foreign big companies have a lot of customers and reputations and they will always give you good service. This idea is not always correct. It is wrong to think that big companies will offer you affordable services as they have more customers. They will also provide customer support according to their local time so you may not be able to resolve your issue at any time. On the other hand, if we are talking about small suppliers i.e. domestic RDP hosting providers, then there are some companies whose customers are not as many as foreign companies but not very few. And they are always working to improve the quality of their service and provide the best customer service, such as IT Nut Hosting.



Before ordering RDP service from the supplier, check their support quality. If you have enough time, create an account on their site and knock on the live chat or support ticket for help. If they support you at the right time and sincerely then you can purchase their service. In this case, you can try the service of IT Nut Hosting because we guarantee to provide 24/7 support to our customers.

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The normal RDP price in bd starts from 2500tk but it may vary due to different locations and structural reasons of the RDP server. IT Nut Hosting does not offer RDP at very cheap prices, but you can start at affordable prices. Remember that very cheap service does not give good performance.


Choosing the Right RDP Plan

Before ordering RDP service, plan which package you should purchase. If you use a browser in RDP then a 2GB RDP hosting package will be better for you. However, if you want to open more software, you may not get good performance in the package due to a lack of resources. In this case, choose a medium plan.

Things to Consider Before Buying RDP

A few things you should consider before buying RDP hosting.

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You may order for an unspecified location because you need an IP for that location. But there is no way you can choose any other place here. Which place should you choose for RDP? Order RDP with your nearest location to experience less ping time and less lagging.

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Period Of RDP Plan

If you are buying a Remote Desktop Server for the first time then order monthly, then you will have a way to upgrade by checking the service quality.

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Operating System Of Remote Desktop Server

This issue is related to the resources of RDP. If you get your Remote Desktop Server plan with 1GB and 2GB RAM then you can use Windows Server 2012. However, if you have more than 4GB RAM, use Windows Server 2019 or also Windows 10.

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Payment Method

Check if you can pay conveniently. IT Nut Hosting always provides a user-friendly payment system for customers in case of any service. So here you are worry-free. Feel free to choose your package and order.

Benefits of Using Bangladeshi RDP Services

There are many advantages to using the Bangladeshi RDP service because Bangladeshi hosting providers are now providing quality services like IT Nut Hosting. If you use our service, you will feel comfortable in terms of price and support because if you have any problem in using the service, you will get immediate help. You do not need to apply technical knowledge for this. Our technical team will provide you with information after completing all the work. Also if you are not familiar with server management then we take the responsibility of managing it for you.

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Why Buy RDP Service from BD

Why Buy RDP Service from BD

It has already been said that if you take the Bangladeshi RDP service, you will get many benefits related to price, quality service, and support. Many people think of taking a remote desktop server from a foreign company because their idea is that in the case of a server, domestic service may not be good. Some top Bangladeshi providers have been providing the best service so far and IT Nut Hosting is one of them. Our services offer you high-speed internet, full root access, dedicated IP, instant activation, necessary resources, maximum security, 99.9% uptime, and 24/7/365 support, and so on.

Best Windows RDP Service in Bangladesh

Which provider would you prefer for Windows RDP hosting? IT Nut Hosting offers the best Windows RDP service for you. In our remote desktop pc service, you can enjoy some nice features that other hosting providers don’t offer. The time limit for purchasing and activating our service is very short because if you pay in an automatic system then your service becomes active immediately. Manual payment can take a maximum of 24 hours. You can pay us using bkash, Rocket, Nagad, or any Bank account. If you want, there is an opportunity to pay by any international payment method. With good service, support is also important, and keeping this in mind, we are active in providing customer service 24 hours a day. Get our support at any time for any problem with your RDP hosting.
Best Windows RDP Service in Bangladesh
Money Back Guarantee

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is secured our 7 days moneyback guarantee. *Conditions apply

Our Advantages

Proud to offer best support & price-to-performance cloud computing.
new Moneyback Guarantee

Predictable Pricing

We simplified cloud pricing to a flat fee so anyone can understand without complex calculation.

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Scaleable & Flexible

Our scaleable & Flexible plan allows you to scale as high as you need.

newSecure Hosting Platform

Strong Security

Deploy your virtual machine worry free with our secure system.

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Managed Server

If you are not familiar with server management, we will manage it for you.

Cloud Hosting Features

The world is moving to cloud and so we are. Take advantage of Cloud Hosting with our simplified solution.

Best Managed VPS Server in Bangladesh
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20x Faster Performance

Enjoy dedicated performance on cloud hosting. It’s 20x faster than normal shared hosting.

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Customized Environment

You can customize your server environment as per your preference.

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Redundant Server Environment

Our redundant server environment and cloud technology ensures maximum uptime and availability.


RDP is a remote Windows computer that is located at your desired location and has a high-speed internet connection.

Each RDP has a dedicated IP address. Which can be used as a normal computer by connecting through the Remote Desktop Connection application.

RDP has a high-speed internet connection, so it is used for tasks that require high speed internet connection. In addition, SEO experts use RDP for a specific location when targeting keywords for a site.

The amount of RAM, CPU, storage that is allowed to be used for your hosting is called resource together.

You can purchase RDP from IT Nut Hosting. You can see the RDP packages from here.

Yes, you can buy only RDP without a domain.

Yes, you can upgrade your RDP package at any time.

IT Nut Hosting has been providing RDP services for 7 years with a good reputation.

If you have technical knowledge then very good, if you do not have technical knowledge, then there is no problem because IT Nut Hosting’s client area is so user friendly and you can easily manage everything by following the IT Nut Hosting’s guideline.

You can pay using bkash, rocket, nagad or any bank account also you can pay with any international payment method.

If you use the automatic payment method, the service becomes active as soon as the payment is completed. Manual payment may take a maximum of 24 hours.

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