Reseller Hosting in Bangladesh

 Best Domain Hosting Reseller Packages with an Affordable Prices. Genuine WHM, Free SSL, cPanel  & White Label Privacy

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • 2 Years
  • 3 Years


69360/2 Years
76500/3 Years
  • 60 GB SSD Space
  • 20 cPanel Account
  • 600 GB Bandwidth
  • WHMCS Billing System $18.95/mo৳ 1618/mo


95880/2 Years
119340/3 Years
  • 100 GB SSD Space
  • 30 cPanel Account
  • 1000 GB Bandwidth
  • WHMCS Billing System $18.95/mo৳ 1618/mo


132600/2 Years
146844/3 Years
  • 170 GB SSD Space
  • 50 cPanel Account
  • 1700 GB Bandwidth
  • WHMCS Billing System $18.95/mo৳ 1618/mo


150960/2 Years
165240/3 Years
  • 270 GB SSD Space
  • 75 cPanel Account
  • 2700 GB Bandwidth
  • Free Clientexec Billing System

Currently, we are not providing any types of reseller hosting. If you have any business related inquiries please open a support ticket.

domain reseller
Control Panel

User-friendly cPanel, Plesk control panel

whm reseller

WHM Web Hosting Management System

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APP Installer

Facility to install WordPress & others apps with 1 click app installer


Free Clientexce Billing system

White Label Privacy

We never disclose any information of our reseller

ssl security
Free SSL

Free SSL certificate with each reseller package

server uptime

99.9% uptime guarantee on all our Reseller Hosting packages

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24/7/365 Support

Our skilled support team is at your service 24/7

Reseller Hosting Technical Specifications

A web service agency, training center, web development firm, small hosting providers or others it’s built for everyone
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Additional Software

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Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Go for one week risk free trail. Your purchase is secured our 30 days moneyback guarantee. *Conditions apply

White label service: Your client is only yours

reseller hosting in bd

Billing Automation API

Full Server Management, Backup & Security

domain reseller

Reseller Hosting

A website generally needs a space to keep its content, images, videos, and various files running all the time and that designated space is web hosting. There are different types of hosting services and reseller hosting is one of them. It is very popular nowadays because with this a user can manage his multiple websites and also sell hosting services to others if he wants and introduce himself as a hosting provider.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a lot like shared hosting. Reseller hosting is the hosting service that you buy from a web hosting provider and sell in the market. You can purchase the reseller package from a hosting company to create the desired package and set its price. By using specific software you can easily keep an account of hosting bills with your customers. Since resellers don’t have to worry about support issues, you can just report the problem to your hosting provider, then they will solve all your problems. Another advantage is that you can increase the features of the reseller web hosting package at any time which is not possible in the case of normal hosting.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting Bangladesh

Many people are looking for the best web hosting service company in different search engines. The list of names of various international hosting companies comes first in the search results. Here you need to buy hosting from Dual Currency Visa, MasterCard, or various online money transfer services such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, etc. Those who are new and buying reseller hosting often take the service from a foreign company and later get confused.

Generally, people may not know how many best reseller hosting companies there are in the country in which payment for hosting can be paid through mobile payment processing services like bKash or Rocket very easily and comparatively. You can also purchase cheap reseller hosting in BD from a local provider that can be expensive in foreign companies.

reseller bangladesh

Find out the top reseller hosting in Bangladesh that provide good quality and cheap price hosting in BD. Local companies are currently providing very good service in terms of price, quality, support and guidelines. Check out Reseller Hosting of IT Nut Hosting. We offer many excellent features that compel you to buy our reseller hosting service. Here you have Litespeed Server because many people may just use Apache and the website is much faster on the Lightspeed server than them. In this way, you will get your website fast and be able to provide quality service to the customer. This is very crucial for customer satisfaction.

We provide cPanel / DirectAdmin Control Panel, you can choose according to your need. Backup System, good support, everything is there and the server is not overloaded. Reseller hosting BD providers often oversell because their server is overloaded. Remember that the service will not be good and your customers will not be satisfied if it happens. You also get a 30 days money-back guarantee, if our service is not satisfactory to you then you will get your money back conditionally.

Reseller hosting packages are created so that you can buy this package and earn money by sharing it with other clients. If you are a web developer or you have an IT company with a lot of clients, you can buy reseller hosting packages at a low cost and offer them making different packages. If there is a problem, your main hosting provider will take care of everything here. Reseller hosting has an opportunity to make your own brand and you can do hosting business using your company’s logo and name. You can create different hosting packages and offer it to the clients as per your wish.

Reseller hosting has the opportunity to offer cPanel separately for clients. You can also start with a small amount and easily upgrade packages as needed in the future.

There are some special differences between normal hosting and reseller hosting. If you talk about shared hosting, then the price of reseller hosting is higher than shared hosting, but in many cases, you will benefit from using a reseller hosting. A client will get more benefits using a low-budget reseller plan to host many of his websites. It is easier for many websites to manage all the sites on one server than to manage separate shared hosting. So without a doubt reseller hosting is best for managing multiple websites. It offers reasonable prices as well as quick technical support. Especially those who are planning to get into the hosting business can easily start with Reseller Hosting on a little budget.

Many people are interested in the hosting business nowadays. People who are usually thinking of starting their own hosting business at low-cost buy reseller hosting. Many companies provide cheap reseller hosting in BD. However, the cheapest reseller hosting is not always your solution, find reliable service. Everyone should remember that the web hosting business is not a way to become profitable fast. You must have a lot of patience and computer and technical knowledge. In addition, to be a solid and successful hosting company, you must take the best reseller hosting service in Bangladesh. IT Nut Hosting’s reseller hosting service is undoubtedly the best reseller hosting in Bangladesh because we have been providing this service for a long time with innumerable happy customers.

There is no substitute for reseller hosting to get started hosting business at a reasonable cost. You can easily start your own web hosting business by buying reseller hosting. Here you can create web hosting packages and plans with reseller hosting BD. Inside the packages, you can create a cPanel account for your customer and manage the client’s account. You can access any of your client’s cPanel accounts, and support them. The biggest advantage of reseller hosting in BD is affordable cost, the technical knowledge requirement is not very much because the responsibility of server or hosting management is on the provider.

Reseller hosting is very easy to set up and use. You can buy reseller web hosting services at an affordable price which is a plus point for your business because you will never want to spend a lot of money from the very beginning especially when you do not know that very well. Therefore, it is better to start without risk and invest less money and in this case, reseller hosting is the best option for you.

Another interesting thing about reseller web hosting is that most of the clients don’t bother much about your internal system. customers just want good service and you can easily attract many clients only if you present your products well. If you decorate your website beautifully and buy a good quality reseller hosting service in Bangladesh then you can definitely give good service to your clients. Again, when your hosting business grows, you can easily migrate your previous business to your own server.

While there are many good aspects to reseller hosting, a few things you shouldn’t consider. After so many discussions, you must have realized that you cannot enjoy the benefits of your server with reseller hosting, that is, you will not get root-level access to the server and not be able to customize anything on the server-side at will. As an alternative to reseller hosting in the web hosting business, you can start with a managed VPS server. The advantage of this type of server is that you get full root access to the server and can customize anything you need. Managed VPS servers will get a much higher site speed than reseller hosting. Again, since such servers are managed, you will get technical support from the provider in case of any server complexity. Being a reseller means taking on all the hosting responsibilities of your clients permanently. So if you do not get enough server-related benefits from the reseller hosting provider then it may cause further problems. If the reseller hosting package continues to grow, you will need to upgrade your reseller hosting plan.

Advantages of Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting plans have many benefits that you need to know. Let’s take a look at the benefits of reseller hosting:
reseller hosting benefits
reseller hosting disadvantage

Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting

So far you know all the benefits of reseller hosting. Just as there are good aspects to every subject, there are also bad aspects. So reseller hosting has different advantages as well as drawbacks. They are highlighted below-

Why Should You Become an IT Nut Reseller?

The rate of website creation is increasing day by day all over the world so everyone is leaning towards online business or bringing their brand online. For this, almost everyone is creating a variety of websites starting from personal portfolio, e-commerce, business, blogging, reviews. reselling web hosting is one of the most popular online businesses today.

Profits can be made through the creation and management of small businesses. In this business, the services are not one-time but a lifetime. If you can provide good hosting service to your customers, they will renew the service to you at the end of the year.

If you want to be a new reseller of IT Nut hosting then it is best to choose the Aluminum package as a starter. We also have Bronze, Copper and Gold packages that you can upgrade according to your needs. The price of our reseller hosting packages may seem a little higher to you than others, but if you think about quality and fidelity, we can be your most reliable platform in Bangladesh to start a hosting business. If you want to provide good and reliable service to the customers then be a reseller of IT Nut Hosting as we offer budget packages of choice, with 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime guarantee and at the same time White Label Privacy Protection.

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reseller hosting company in bangladesh

Best Reseller Hosting Provider in Bangladesh

You know that there are hundreds of hosting providers available in this country. Some have been more popular than others and several have been cheap. But did you know which of them is the best reseller hosting in Bangladesh? There are many providers that offer the best reseller hosting service in Bangladesh but you have to find out who really provides the best and cheapest reseller hosting.

IT Nut Hosting is another one of the leading domain hosting providers in Bangladesh. Since the beginning of our business in 2014, we have been conducting our web hosting business honestly for a long time and we have numerous reseller hosting partners. We have a lot of great reseller hosting packages to attract customers. If you want to start a web hosting business with reseller web hosting then you can easily start with IT Nut Hosting. Our reseller hosting packages complete the world’s most user-friendly control panel cPanel so it is reliable, easy, and user friendly. Besides, the biggest attraction of our service is that you will get dedicated customer support which is not provided by any other hosting provider in Bangladesh.

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Reseller Hosting Features

Reseller hosting packages bundled with great features.
Everything you need as a reseller.

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Fast Website Loading

WHM Access

Our reseller hosting package comes with WHM (Web Hosting Manager) access.

new Free Migration

Free Migration

We will migrate your existing reseller account from other hosting company.

newSecure Hosting Platform

White Lebel Reseller

You can use your own logo, your own brand name and your private nameserver.

Reseller Hosting FAQ

Reseller hosting is the hosting service that is taken from a hosting company that has a dedicated hosting server to resell a certain number of cPanel and them through the branding of their own company with the permission of the management.

Reseller hosting works just like shared hosting. However, there is a separate hosting management system to control the reseller’s underlying cPanels, from which the re-seller can manage his client’s cPanel.

Reseller hosting is great for any startup or new hosting provider. ‍Reseller allows new hosting providers to offer genuine licensed hosting panels at low cost and move their business forward.

WHMCS is an automatic billing system. Through this, the work of the client’s bill, automatic service activation is done.

Hosting bandwidth is the amount of transferred data from a server to each user’s computer every second or every single time. That means the transferred data from the server to user’s device.

SSL is a security layer. It encrypted the user’s data and saved it to the database.

The amount of RAM, CPU, storage that is allowed to be used for your hosting is called resource together.

cPanel means Control Panel. You can use all the activities of your hosting by using it.

CDN is a Content Delivery Network that speeds up your website loading speed and keeps website security strong.

You can purchase reseller hosting from IT Nut Hosting. You can see the reseller hosting packages from here.
Yes, you can upgrade your reseller hosting package at any time.

Yes, you can take domain reseller from us if you take our hosting reseller service.

If you have technical knowledge then very good, if you do not have technical knowledge, then there is no problem because IT Nut Hosting’s client area is so user friendly and you can easily manage everything by following the IT Nut Hosting’s guideline.
Choose a hosting package of your choice from here then start your website activities by purchasing hosting.

IT Nut Hosting has been providing hosting services for 7 years with a good reputation.

You can pay using bkash, rocket, nagad or any bank account also you can pay with any international payment method.

If you use the automatic payment method, the service becomes active as soon as the payment is completed. Manual payment may take a maximum of 24 hours.

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