Our Terms Of Abuse and Abuse Handling Policy

We strictly maintain our Terms of Service and handle abuse reports. When a customer takes our services, we try to make our customers aware that we don’t allow abuse with any of our services. ‍If any unwanted abuse happens, here are the steps we take to handle any abuse report after we receive it.

Send any abuse report to the following email: [email protected]

1.0 Abuse Handling System

After receiving an abuse report, first we investigate the authenticity of that eport and if the abuse is related to our service. If it is not related to our services we clarify the sender about it. But if it is related to our services, we forward the abuse report to our relavent customer and allow 48 hours to take proper steps and also notify the abuse report sender. If the customer takes proper steps and resolves the issue then we notify the sender again and consider the abuse has been settled.
If the customer asks us for more time to resolve the issue, we ask what steps they are taking. Then we verify the steps and If it seems right then we give more time depending on the abuse report and if it doesn’t seem right we suspend the user.
If the customer doesn’t respond to the abuse report within 48 hours, we suspend the reported service and notify the sender. After suspending the user if the user contacts to unsuspend the service we asked them to take proper steps regarding the abuse report. If they takes proper steps then we unsuspend the service.

The abuse handelling policy applied to all of the serveices that IT Nut Hosting provide. Including, Domain Registration, Shared & VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, Business Mail and all other services.

2.0 Suspension & Termination Rules

2.1 Web Hosting Service Suspension and Termination

Suspension generally happens automatically when users have a due bill. If one of our customers doesn’t pay their bill within the due date their service will be suspended on the same day. After the suspension, we allow our customer 27 days to make the payment and after the payment, the service will be activated instantly. But if the user’s invoice remains unpaid, our system terminates his account permanently with all the data it contains. Once an account has been terminated, it can not be reactivated by paying the unpaid invoice and we do not guarantee any data backup after service is terminated. But if anyone wants to apply to restore the terminated service with the data (if available) they can do it within 90 days by paying $50 restoration fees.

2.2 Hosting Abuse Suspension

The following actions will result in immediate abuse suspension of the user’s account:

  1. User’s service will be suspended for sending Bulk emails from the website, webmail, or using any script.
  2. Excessive server resources will result in account suspension until the user upgrades his package.
  3. Any kind of activity on a user’s website that is prohibited by international law and his local ICT act will result in immediate account suspension. (It may also result in permanent termination.)
  4. Service fair usage policy violation will result in suspension.

2.3 Hosting Abuse Termination

The following actions will result in immediate abuse termination of the user’s account:

  • Hosting any phishing link/script/content, drugs, pornography.
  • Any kind of activity on a user’s website that is prohibited by international law and his local ICT act might result in account termination. (It may also result in a temporary termination/suspension, for legal investigation)
  • If you try to spread hate or conflicts between any nation, religion, society, community using our service.
  • Any kind of payment or card fraud will result in immediate service termination.
  • We don’t allow any scamming and spamming using our service.

We strictly prohibit anti-govt activities, cryptocurrency (for the restricted countries such as Bangladesh), any kind of money laundering activities, money, or investing scam. If any of our user does anything like this his account will be permanently terminated without any prior notification. No data will be provided to the user in case of any kind of abuse termination/suspension and you agree that you will not even ask for data backup if you violate the termination rules.=

3.0 DMCA Notice

IT Nut Hosting is a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) compliant service provider that respects the copyright ownership of materials and reviews every valid DMCA Notice. After verifying the DMCA notice, we will attempt to contact the reported website owner via email and give them time to remove the reported content. Repeated instances of valid copyright infringement or avoidance of any action regarding the notice may lead to account suspension or termination of that user. IT Nut hosting can only attempt to contact or take action on the services directly hosted with IT Nut Hosting. We do not have control over services that are not hosted with IT Nut Hosting.
Before submitting a valid DMCA Notice, please verify if the service is actually hosted with IT Nut Hosting. Also, please be sure that you are the legal copyright owner or legally authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner and provide proper verifiable proof of original ownership. The complainant will be fully responsible if any harm or damage is done to the accused party by submitting a misrepresented or false information and/or the use of the content falls under fair use. IT Nut Hosting reserves the right to challenge the abuse of the DMCA process and we are not liable for any content hosted by our users. IT Nut Hosting is a shared hosting and relevant services providing a platform where users can start their websites and serve content that they have access to. We strongly discourage and prohibit the hosting of illegal or unlawful content on our platform and are willing to work closely with legal authorities to resolve any matter that may arise. The complainants must include their legal contact details while contacting us regarding DMCA Notice or other legal matters. You may send your properly formatted abuse complaints directly to [email protected]. Any complaints without proper information described here may be considered invalid.

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Last updated: 19th December 2022