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Things to Consider Before Buying Hosting

If you look at a hosting company in Bangladesh, you will see that most of the companies have different types of hosting and they are of different quality. So you must consider the following before buying hosting from a web hosting company in Bangladesh.
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All you have to do before setting up a website is to set a budget, which includes a budget for domain hosting. Do a good budget on the back of the hosting when doing this budget.

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Hosting Space

Before you decide how much hard disk space you need to build your website, then purchase a hosting package or plan accordingly. The pages on your website are all but different documents that require hard disk space to store.

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Support is one of the most crucial parts of hosting. Since hosting is a technical thing, you need to get their support if you have any problems with your hosting. Understand how much time you have to get support.

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Money Back Guarantee

Money-back guarantee is an important factor when buying hosting. It is often seen that hosting is not your choice after purchase, in which case having a money-back guarantee will be of benefit to you.

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Company Status

Before buying hosting you should try to know the status of the organization. Try talking to their customer care. It's best to get feedback from someone who already uses their service. Try to find out the location of their server from all those users. Make the final decision by considering everything at once.



Bandwidth costs will depend on the amount of data or documents you have on your website and the number of visitors to your site. When you visit a website, your MB does not cost? The same amount of MB but that website also costs. This is bandwidth.

Money Back Guarantee

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Go for one week risk free trail. Your purchase is secured our 30 days moneyback guarantee. *Conditions apply

Benefits of Using Bangladeshi Web Hosting

Users may think that if Bangladeshi hosting companies cheat, the answer is, there are many Trusted domain hosting companies in our country at present, who have been coming up with good services for a long time. These companies handle many of the country’s largest banks and businesses.

There are also many customers from outside the country at present. So finding the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh for your website is a very difficult thing. Then before buying domain hosting from any hosting company in our country, you must know what you have, and after buying you will know what you are getting, especially make sure that you have cPanel access.You have many advantages to using bd web hosting in terms of benefits for which many users are currently using web hosting bd or thinking about using. Some of the benefits are highlighted:


Use of Mother Tongue

Many people have trouble speaking English. In that case, it would be wise to take hosting service from a hosting company in Bangladesh. Because, by calling directly, they can be informed about the problem in Bengali. Moreover, any problem of domain hosting you can easily express your words in your mother tongue.Due to which you will get the solution of your problem very easily in a short time.

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Easy Payment System

Many people are not familiar with foreign payment systems, so getting services from these companies seems complicated to them. In this case, a web hosting company in Bangladesh may be your best solution. First, choose the best hosting provider in Bangladesh, then you can take the service by paying in your convenient way. Good hosting companies always guarantee the use of a verified payment gateway which makes your service payment easier and more secure.

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24/7 Customer Support

Different hosting companies in Bangladesh sell their services and say goodbye to their responsibilities. That is, they are indifferent to proper customer support. Again some hosting providers have survived with a long reputation due to their good service and quality customer support.One of them is IT Nut Hosting, we provide 24/7 customer support by a skilled and professional team. It's not that foreign companies are bad, but the advantage of using domestic services is that you can go to that company and talk directly.

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Maintenance Time

Normally the server is restarted for various needs, technical issues are checked. Doing so at their convenience on an external server often results in our site being down during peak hours, thus losing our customers. On the other hand, all the maintenance is done on the desi server during off-peak hours in Bangladesh. So your chances of getting your visitor server down are reduced.Even if there is an economic problem in renewal, the site will not be down, if you can maintain a good relationship. That's a lot of support.

What is Domain?

Domain means the place or address that is used to find a website on the internet. A domain refers to the name of a website. Each website has an IP address. It is a lot like a phone number. If you enter this number exactly in the address bar of the browser, you will visit your desired website. It is usually not easier to remember a website with an IP address. So, for the advantage of remembering, the domain name is used instead of the IP address.

How Does Domain Work?

In addition, if you buy the domain name from the bd domain hosting companies, they will help you with information about anything, including domain registration.
What is Domain?

Few Things to Remember When Buy Domain

What is Hosting?

To create a website or blog in the world of the internet, hosting is the place where all the data is stored. All the text, videos, images, documents, audio files of a website are stored on the hosting server of that particular website or blog.To put it more clearly, web hosting is a service through which your website will always be on or on. You can also display the website worldwide. You need a proper space to keep your website content, images, videos, and various files running 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. That designated space is called website hosting or web hosting.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

When someone writes the domain of your website in a browser and searches on the internet, the domain name will be converted to an IP address and taken to the web hosting company’s server, where your website’s Content, Images, Videos, and various files are stored. The files submitted from there are immediately sent to the visitor or user’s browser. Then the user gets to see that website. This is how web hosting works. For better performance of web hosting, you must find the best hosting provider in Bangladesh.Choosing web hosting bd services can be good for your website if you can find a trusted platform. Some Bangladesh hosting services have already gained popularity for providing world-class services.

Domain Hosting Bangladesh

Domain and hosting are the most important thing for a website because your website is always ready to show to many people readily. That’s why when you are thinking of creating a website, you need to take this step with a full idea about domain and hosting. Also, do enough research on domain hosting Bangladesh if you want to get the best service.

Domain Hosting Bangladesh

Domain Hosting Bangladesh Demand

The trend of doing business through the internet is rapidly becoming popular in Bangladesh. Books, clothes, foods, rice-pulses-vegetables, electronics products, furniture — everything is sold online and this is e-commerce. Young entrepreneurs are especially interested in e-commerce.

An e-commerce site performs as a shop here. So to start an eCommerce business, you first need to create a sales site. The country’s IT sector is growing rapidly. At the same time, the demand for domain hosting service providers is also increasing.

Besides, all the small and large businesses of the country are now going online. All kinds of product or service providers are in your internet connection. This means that products or services that were previously only available in physical stores are now available to people online at home, and this has been made possible by websites that showcase your products or services worldwide.

For this reason, the demand for domain hosting is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. This ongoing demand will increase day by day but will not decrease because it will include products that are not yet available online.

Hopefully, you have a basic idea of what domain hosting is and how it works. Researching the best hosting provider in Bangladesh is very important when you want to be a successful user or service provider.



How to Understand Which is the Best Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh?

Before getting to know the best hosting companies, let us know some of their common features. A good hosting company has the following features:

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Good Quality Customer Support

A very important factor to consider before buying domain hosting is the customer support of the provider you are looking to purchase from. If you have any problems with your hosting and website, you must need customer support.If their support is not readily available at this time or it takes more time to get support then your site will go down for some time and you will lose a lot of visitors. So from where you will get hosting, you will pay more attention to the fact that their customer support is available 24 hours a day.

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Server Uptime

When using bangladeshi hosting, the most important thing to pay attention to when buying hosting from a hosting provider is server uptime.The hosting server must keep your website or blog site live and active on the internet 24/7. Because you never want your site to be inactive or down from the internet for even a minute. So you must pay attention to this issue and gethosting from the provider whose server and network stability is good.Of course, It would be recommended to take hosting from a provider that has server uptime of 99.5% and above and you can assume that it is the best web hosting in Bangladesh.

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Bandwidth Limit

Bandwidth is the specific monthly data provided by the hosting server that a website can provide to visitors within its specified time.The amount of bandwidth required for a website or blog site depends on the page size of the site and the site traffic. One of the good features of the best hosting provider in Bangladesh is to provide the right amount of bandwidth that is mentioned in the packages. When buying hosting, keep looking at this issue and buy web hosting from any such hosting provider.


Hosting Space

This is the hard disk drive or storage of the web server where you store all the files of your website.In the case of hosting storage, make sure that it is providing at least 10 GB of storage and is offering HDD or SSD storage. Of course, try to go with SSD storage as it is very powerful and capable of fast file transfer and will be good both for the performance and speed of your website.

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1st Year & Renewal Costs

When we buy hosting from a new hosting company in Bangladesh, it costs a lot less to buy hosting for the first time.But when it comes time to renew hosting after the deadline, the price is set to be two to three times higher than the price at which the hosting was purchased. So before you fall into the trap of providing low cost hosting, you must know its sign-up and renewal costs.

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Hosting Plan Upgrade

When your blog site or website gains popularity you might try to take a little more high quality hosting plan. So when you think about upgrading your hosting packages in the future, you must know if it will be possible. Although almost all hosting providers now offer this opportunity, you must try to find out.

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Automatic Remote Backup

Another great feature of good quality web hosting in Bangladesh is that they keep auto backup of data on the website. Due to which the data of any customer is safe. Even if any data is deleted unintentionally for any reason, it can be backed up.


Domain & Email Usage Limits

When buy bd hosting, be sure to consider how many domains and email accounts you can use. Many such hosting providers allow access to one or more limited domains and email accounts depending on their hosting plans. So maybe in the future, you want to create another blog site so buy hosting with that plan in mind.

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Money Back Guarantee

Money back policy is an important issue when buying hosting. In this case, if you are not satisfied with using a hosting plan from a provider, they will refund your money.Almost all popular hosting providers offer moneback gurantee which can be a good opportunity for you to choose the right hosting provider. Because if you don't like their service, you can apply for a refund.

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Popular & Trusted Site

Always buy domain hosting from a popular and trusted web hosting company in Bangladesh. Never fall into the trap of such hosting sites who promise good hosting at low prices because their hosting is never good, most of the time the server is down. Also, the server performance and speed are slow and bad.As a trusted and reliable web hosting service provider in Bangladesh, you can choose the IT Nut Hosting service which will meet all your needs.

Web Hosting BD

Domain hosting is very important in creating and running websites. The first and foremost essential element in creating a professional quality website is domain name and web hosting. To get these you need to take the services of a good quality universally recognized and popular web hosting company.

There are many providers in the country and abroad for buying hosting but the question is where should you get it from. The advice is to try in the country without hiring services from foreign companies because there are many good quality companies. So getting the best web hosting in Bangladesh is much easier now. If you take BD hosting from a local company, you can get various benefits including customer service and payment options.

Web Hosting
BD Hosting

Why BD Hosting Better than Foreign?

In almost every case, beginners in the web development world are confused about choosing a hosting company. Most do not understand where and how to buy domain hosting. A hosting company in Bangladesh can be better from different perspectives than foreign companies. When you are looking for the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh, you will check its features, price, and reliability. Reviewing the current Bangladesh hosting services, you know that they are in no way inferior to foreign companies.

People usually search for “Best Web Hosting Company” in various search engines including Google. The list of names of different international hosting companies comes first in the search list. From which you need to buy hosting from Dual Currency Visa, MasterCard, or various online money transfer services such as PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, etc. High rate fee connected services of the company. However, using web hosting BD you are completely free from these problems. Websites can be published by creating a web hosting account by paying for the payment or hosting through mobile payment processing services like bKash or Rocket at a much easier and comparatively low cost.

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Super Fast Web Hosting

We understand, even a single second of website loading time matters to you! So, we built our web server with all new speed web hosting technologies. All our servers have pure SSD drive, http2, latest PHP engine, Litespeed server and very powerful litespeed caching system that makes your website super fast and keeps you ahead of your competitors. Try our rocket speed fastest web hosting today!

What are the Disadvantages of Domain Hosting Bangladesh?

Besides, there are other benefits of taking domain hosting from a Bangladesh hosting company, which can only be realized after providing the service. In addition to the advantages, the disadvantages are obvious among the new providers, such as less technical skills, less security due to the server buying a lot of chips, the website may be down, you have to wait day after day to get the solution, many more. However, for those who have been doing domain-hosting business in our country for a long time, you will never get in trouble if you take it from them. As such you will get fewer of these problems in  IT Nut Hosting.

Why Buy Bangladeshi Hosting?

Hosting providers in Bangladesh can be paid with mobile banking. Bangladeshis can’t easily use MasterCard, Skrill, or other payment processors if we want to.

For those of you who want to create a website from Bangladesh, buying from a trusted website inside the country would be a very good option.

Bangladeshi Hosting

You can choose any reputable web hosting company in Bangladesh. If you don’t like it, migrate to another provider. Many people in the country are currently providing good service. It is better not to pay attention to foreign hosting. The reason is that those who want to do hosting business or have more than one site are mainly looking at foreign hosting.

With reseller hosting from good foreign hosting companies, our Bangladeshi hosting companies are also trying to provide good web hosting services. Considering the needs of the customer, they also guarantee a very good hosting service. The fact is that there must be a problem with website hosting. Sometimes it is the problem of the server or due to the mistake of the owner of the website.

So it is convenient for beginners to host a website in Bangladeshi hosting. Because, to solve any problem by talking directly to the customer care number in Bengali, the fun of getting a solution is different. Bangladeshi hosting companies provide hosting services at a relatively low cost and you don’t have to rush to pay the hosting bill.

Best Hosting Bangladesh

Those who have a website or who are planning to create a website will hear the word hosting at some point. Hosting is where the files of a website are kept. Many questions come to mind for this crowd! Which is the best domain hosting company in Bangladesh? For many of us, the thought of buying domain hosting is a very painful thing. There is no end to our worries about this! From whom you are buying hosting or buying a domain, will they give good support? How to continue at a low cost?Many people want to make money online by creating their own website or blog, but they do not know the details about domain hosting and later suffer in various ways. Whether blogging or affiliate, you must first have a domain and hosting to create a website. For this, it is very important to find the best hosting provider in Bangladesh.

Why IT Nut Hosting is the Best?

There are many good web hosting companies in the country who have been providing the best service truly, IT Nut Hosting is one of them. IT Nut Hosting has taken its place in the list of best hosting companies in Bangladesh very easily. The company has a nationwide reputation for providing 24-hour customer support.

As the best hosting provider in Bangladesh, they have been providing hosting services since 2014. IT Nut Hosting is equally popular in its domain registration, shared hosting, VPS hosting, windows hosting, dedicated hosting services.

It has already been said that IT Nut Hosting does not compromise in the case of hosting quality and customer support. They have a few teams that are engaged in 24/7 customer support. So you can be 100% sure about getting the best service and support.

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It is not reasonable to say that there will be no downtime on the hosting server, but it should not be at such a stage that the purpose of running your website is in vain. In IT Nut Hosting you will get just as much downtime as normal and there is no possibility of server down without serious reason.

Based on service features, prices, customer feedback, IT Nut Hosting has been considered as one of the best hosting companies in bd. You can compare with other hosting providers if you want. IT Nut Hosting has regularly positioned itself on new platforms that have made them more trustworthy to customers.

Some Specialties of IT Nut Hosting

A good hosting company in Bangladesh helps you to become an expert by providing you a resource guide. Maintaining its continuity, IT Nut Hosting shares various info, updated tricks, and useful tips to its customers so that anyone can easily become an expert on the service. We provide regular updates on knowledgebase, Bangla blog, English blog, and our activities much better than others any companies.

You may have to take a lot of time to take the service due to the lack of an easy payment system of a hosting provider. User-friendly payment options mean it has everything in IT Nut Hosting. Customers can use any payment option at their convenience. We are also verified by SSL Commerz.

IT Nut Hosting

Extra Good Aspects of IT Nut Hosting

Above all, we will discuss how to get feedback from the provider you are taking web hosting from. What kind of feedback are all the users using their hosting giving and what is their opinion. You can consider many things by looking at user feedback. IT Nut Hosting’s customer feedback will surely assure you that we provide really good services of Domain Hosting Bangladesh.

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It’s not our goal to get nice testimonials and reviews, We want to satisfy you Let’s have an amazing ride with us.