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Shared hosting is undoubtedly the most popular way of hosting among beginners. Usually, anyone who is new to the world of hosting chooses it over others for numerous reasons. In shared hosting, multiple websites share a physical server. This allows them to divide the maintenance and other costs, resulting in affordable fees. If you are someone trying to get a personal website and thinking about buying a shared hosting package, then you should read the full article.

  1. Easy Set-up: One of the best features of shared hosting is it is very easy to set up. The user doesn’t need that much technical knowledge to set up a website with shared hosting. Usually, there is a lot of hassle in preparing a server for hosting. The user has to install lots of software and codes including an OS. This requires higher-level technical knowledge. Large companies and organizations hire experts for these problems. But someone with an entry-level budget can’t do so. Shared hosting providers save their customers from these hassles. They provide the customers with solutions for almost every technical issue that they may encounter.
  2. Affordable:  Shared hosting is considered the most affordable option for someone with a very small budget. Generally, on their starting days, bloggers don’t get much traffic. Sometimes it takes them years to become popular. So, most of them don’t prefer spending much money on hosting, rather they try to go for the most affordable option on their budget
  1. Manageable: Buying a domain and hosting for a server may sound easy but managing it is not a child’s play. It takes knowledge and experience. Most of the customers of shared hosting providers don’t have such knowledge and they know that too. When host the website on their server, hosting providers customize them with the permission of the owner of the websites. They customize the control panel of these websites with minimalistic designs so that anyone with basic computer knowledge can manage its contents.
  2. Start-up Friendly: If you are into start-ups, then shared hosting may be a great option for you. In the beginning, start-ups and small companies, don’t get a large number of visitor traffic. But almost all of them suffer from the budget problem. Most of them can’t even survive for long in the market because of it. So, there is a tendency of using less expensive product present among them. That’s why lots of start-ups and small businesses are a client of shared hosting.
  3. Flexibility: Most of the renowned providers of shared hosting are dynamic. They also provide other forms of shared hosting. If one of their clients needs to upgrade the package, they can do it. They provide different kinds of packages to choose from according to the need.

Things to consider before buying shared hosting

Things to consider before buying shared hosting

Buying domain and hosting is not that difficult. But this decision of yours may decide, whether your project would survive or not. If your website crashes during crucial times, then visitors will stop visiting your website. This traffic drop could be the end of your company or blog. To save your project from failing, you should consider some things before buying a hosting package.

  1. Uptime: Uptime refers to the average of your website’s activity time. It is measured in percentages. The market standard of uptime is 99.9%. If your uptime is lower than your competitors, then it is obvious that your customers will choose them over you.
  2. Speed: As you will be sharing a server with others, then it will affect your page loading speed. But for some providers, the page loading speed is extremely low. They host more websites on a single server than others. When visitors to those websites try to visit them at a time, the performance drops significantly and results in slow loading speed. According to many pieces of research, slow page loading is the main reason for gradual traffic loss.
  1. Disk Space: It refers to the available storage space provided by the hosting company. If a website uses lots of images and videos and it will surely need large storage. This kind of website should choose to host packages with higher disk space.
  2. Customer Support: It is the most important part of a business. You should never buy or rent something from a company that doesn’t have proper customer support. As most of the users of shared hosting are new to the world of website managing, it is normal to face some problems. If the provider doesn’t have proper support, then the customers will have to suffer.


There are many types of hosting that are available in the market. But mostly three types of them dominate the market. Dedicated hosting, Shared Hosting, and Virtual Private Hosting. Users of dedicated hosting can use the machine to its full potential. On the other hand, VPS and Shared hosting users share a physical server with others. But in the VPS the server is divided into many virtual servers with the help of different software. 

Though dedicated hosting is the most powerful of all, it is also very expensive. Shared hosting is the cheapest available option. VPS users can have many features of dedicated hosting at a very low price. It is mainly popular among growing websites. Most of the VPS users are experienced developers. They know how to customize a website according to their need. 

So, the decision is up to you. The best hosting plan for you should something that can fulfill your needs. If you are a large company owner, who is sure to have a lot of traffic, then you should go for dedicated hosting. If you are not ready to pay such a huge amount, still want the features of dedicated hosting then go for Virtual Private Network. But if you are completely new to the world of website management with a short budget, no other option for you is as good as shared hosting.

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