To order the hosting package you need and choose from IT Nut Hosting, you have to go to the homepage of IT Nut Hosting and place your mouse cursor over the Hosting button from the top menu bar, you will found some options here. Click on the Web Hosting option from here.

Scroll down and you will found our regular hosting packages here. If you need windows hosting then click the windows button and see the windows hosting packages. Also if you want to see the full configuration of our regular hosting packages then click the Check technical specifications of all packages option below.

You can see the details of the package you want to order by selecting the exact time from the dropdown menu. Suppose, now you want to take our Nut Diamond package for one year.

To take the Nut Diamond package for one year, select 12 months from the dropdown menu. Now you can see the total price, renewal price, and how much is the month on average. Click on the Order Now button to order.

Now you will be taken to the domain page. Here you will see three options.

If you want to buy the hosting with a new domain

To do this, follow all the above steps and select the following option

Register a new domain: If you have not purchased your domain, you can select this option and search your domain from the search box.

If you want to buy the hosting by transfering your domain

To do this, follow all the above steps and select the following option

Transfer your domain from another hosting: If your domain is now on another provider and you want to transfer it then select this option to buy hosting with that domain.

If you already have a domain

To do this, follow all the above steps and select the following option

I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers: If you have already a domain and want to update the nameserver after purchasing hosting with it, then select this option.

After searching for your domain, if it is available, here you will see the current price of your domain. Now after clicking on the Add to Cart button, click on the Continue to Cart button above.

Here you can re-select how many days you want to order and see the total price for that time you have selected. If you want to take our cloud backup service, you can add it by clicking on the radio button. Then the total price will be updated with the price of the cloud backup service. Now click on the Continue button.

Click here to know about the cloud backup service

Now, you will see the Domain Configuration page. If you want to take the ID protection service for your domain, turn on the ID Protection option from here. Now click on the Continue button.

If you already have an account with us on IT Nut Hosting, you can log in to your account by clicking the button Sign in from the top. Or you can register your account from this page by entering information on this page.

Now select the payment method that you want to use. Then click on the checkbox for agreeing with “terms and conditions” then click on the Complete Order button from the bottom.

You will now be taken to the payment gateway page. Follow the instructions on the page to make payment for your service. Once your payment is confirmed with the gateway, your order will be automatically activated and you will receive the login details for your hosting.

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