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1. To order the hosting package you need and choose from IT Nut Hosting, you have to go to the homepage of IT Nut Hosting and place your mouse cursor over the Hosting button from the top menu bar, you will find some options here. Click on the Hosting option you need from here.

    order hosting

    2. Scroll down and you will find our regular hosting packages here. Also if you want to see the full configuration of our regular hosting packages then scroll down, you will see the all configuration of the packages.

    Suppose, now you want to take our Nut Diamond package for one year. Select yearly from the above options and click the Start Now button.

    hosting order2

    Now you will be taken to the domain page. Here you will see three options.

    If you want to buy the hosting with a new domain

    To do this, follow all the above (1 and 2) steps and select the following option

    Register a new domain: If you have not purchased your domain, you can select this option and search your domain from the search box.

    Hosting Order

    If you want to buy the hosting by transferring your domain

    To do this, follow all the above (1 and 2) steps and select the following option

    Transfer your domain from another hosting: If your domain is now on another provider and you want to transfer it then select this option to buy hosting with that domain.

    order hosting 1

    If you already have a domain

    To do this, follow all the above (1 and 2) steps and select the following option

    I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers: If you have already a domain and want to update the nameserver after purchasing hosting with it, then select this option.

    order hosting 2

    After searching for your domain, if it is available, you will see your domain’s current price. Now click the Continue button.

    Order Hosting 3

    On the next page,  you will see your account information and total bill amount. You can see by changing currency from here. You can also use the promo code (if any) here.

    If you already have an account with us on IT Nut Hosting, you can log in to your account. Or you can register your account from this page by entering information on this page.

    order hosting5

    Scroll down. You will see some options:

    • If you want to use different contact details for your domain then click the drop-down menu and select Add New Contact
    • You cat select the payment method of your choice.
    • Click the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions.
    • Now click the Checkout button.
    Hosting order2 1

    You will now be taken to the payment gateway page. Follow the instructions on the page to make payment for your service. Once your payment is confirmed with the gateway, your order will be automatically activated and you will receive the login details for your hosting.

    You can take the ID Protection for your domain and Cloud backup service from the Addon Service.

    Click here to know about the cloud backup service

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