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BDIX hosting is a popular name among hosting users. This service is mainly for those users who want to target Bangladeshi traffic for their websites. When Bangladeshi traffic visits a site in the BDIX network, they can visit directly without crossing international routing, which is the biggest advantage of BDIX hosting. There is also no need to use any CDN in this hosting service for website speed because BDIX does not have extra routing, it offers high performance without CDN.

When it comes to the cost of BDIX hosting, almost everyone agrees that the price of BDIX packages is higher than the usual hosting plans. However, many companies offer BDIX hosting at very low prices. Before using their service, you should know why they provide service at such a cheap rate. You can use cheap services only when you find a satisfactory reason. Otherwise, it is stupidity to damage the website only to save some money.

Why BDIX Hosting

It is a good option for native targeted websites. Every internet provider and mobile operator has BDIX’s extra bandwidth speeds, such as Global 30 Mbps and BDIX up to 1 Gbps. That’s why site contents load very fast. Suppose there is a problem with the global internet for any reason, but the site on your BDIX hosting will be normal, and visitors can access it at normal speed. Since BDIX hosting has many advantages, the price is a little higher. But if someone offers a cheap price, then you should think that there is a problem. 

IT Nut Hosting BDIX Hosting Packages

IT Nut Hosting offers three BDIX web hosting packages where you can purchase on a Monthly, Yearly, 2 Years, and 3 Years basis. Each package has Unlimited Bandwidth, Free SSL Certificates, cPanel Control Panel, LiteSpeed Web Server, hosting up to 10 websites, and many more interesting features. Now learn about each package. 

5 GB BDIX Hosting Price

At only the BDT 299 / month BDIX Starter package, you get 5 GB SSD storage, 1 website host, unlimited bandwidth, subdomains, email accounts, and much more resources. There is no discount if you take the package monthly but if you purchase it for 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years there is a 35% discount. If you compare the package with other providers’ basic package, you may notice a lower price, but there are more features of IT Nut Hosting.

10 GB BDIX Hosting Price

IT Nut Hosting’s BDIX Silver package offers 10 GB of hosting and 3 website hosting facilities. You will be able to upgrade to this package when your website traffic gets increased more than before because the newly started website usually does not need so much space. You also get a 35% discount on the annual price.  

30 GB BDIX Hosting Price

Usually, when running an online news portal, you need more space because your website is getting more and more content every day, and the number of website visitors is increasing. In this case, 30 GB BDIX hosting package will be a good option for you. Here you can host 10 Websites. 

Why not Buy Cheap BDIX Hosting?

Hosting plays a key role in keeping a website up and running. It means that people can access your website whenever they want and purchase your products. People create websites for any personal or institutional need. The future of your business depends on website growth and definitely the website growth depends on a good web hosting service. So it is better not to buy cheap BDIX hosting just to save a bit little of cost.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why providers offer BDIX hosting at a cheap cost:

Crack license

Hosting providers usually have to spend a large amount for various Security Software and Modules licenses, including WHMCS License, WHM / cPanel License, Cloud Linux, Litespeed. No provider will offer low-cost BDIX hosting if they pay a certain amount for these. If you verify properly, there are mostly companies that provide hosting at a very cheap price and do not use the original license and theme.

Since they do not have to spend to buy a premium license, they are able to provide cheap hosting, and the customers do not understand that they are getting in trouble unknowingly. You may ask what is the harm to you. Your website security is unawares threatened as your provider uses these cracked licenses and null themes. On the other hand, since IT Nut Hosting uses the original license, a large amount of money has to be spent on these things. So we never provide services at a much lower price.

Low configuration server

Many hosting companies do not want to spend too much on servers, so they buy low-configuration servers or take reseller plans from a company and sell them cheaply among the users. Without looking at the quality, the users are simply purchasing the server at a cheap price and providing the service at a lower cost. IT Nut Hosting has a server in the Dhaka location to provide premium quality BDIX service to the customers.

Limited customer support

Most hosting companies claim their service is the best, but they are silent on customer support. This may be because they do not pay much attention to this business or buy reseller hosting and run the business alone. In this case, it is not possible to manage the server, sell the service, and provide customer support simultaneously, so naturally, they fail to provide customer service at the right time. But 24/7 support is important in the hosting business because it is impossible to say when the user will face a problem. IT Nut Hosting has gained a reputation for providing quality services, such as timely customer support, emphasizing customer convenience and satisfaction. To know about IT Nut Hosting BDIX hosting packages, you need to have a clear conception of the hosting packages we offer. So let’s know more. 

Slow Speed ​​Site

The loading speed is very important for speeding up a website. This is because when a visitor visits your website, your website will appear in front of them very fast due to the loading speed of your website so that the visitors of your website can know about your service.

If the website’s loading time is more than 3 seconds, 1 out of 3 users get annoyed and refrain from visiting the website. And if the visitor does not visit the website, no matter how many different SEO you do for the website, the work will be nothing. As a result, the website will gradually fall behind in SEO ranking. 

Website loading speeds usually slow down due to using cheap quality web hosting services to reduce costs. Websites on the servers of such companies are slowing down because there are too many users on the same server and it is overloaded. Before creating a website, you need to know about different hosting services and check the service quality of the hosting company, then purchase the service. IT Nut Hosting ensures the maximum speed of your website. 

Support problem

Support is one of the most significant parts of the hosting service. All the companies in the world say 24/7 support when they sell a service! Many big companies in Bangladesh write down 24/7 support, but in reality, they do not provide it because they have no ability to cost extra for 4 or 5 support agents. Service needs to be taken from a company that evaluates every customer equally and ensures maximum quality service. Customer service must be good and available 24/7/365 from wherever you buy BDIX hosting but do not always look for cheap. If you expect the best support by buying the service at a lower price, then that is your utter foolishness. 

Likely to be hacked 

Those who want a low-cost professional, and attractive website but do not have the budget, usually think and buy less expensive hosting. Meanwhile, you should know that cheap hosting providers use crack licenses, so there are no special security measures. Your biggest mistake is 1) cheap hosting, 2) null or crack or free theme which you are consciously using. 

If you think that your website will be safe by buying hosting at a much lower cost, then you are absolutely wrong. Remember that no company will ever offer service with its loss. When the website is being developed, your website is hacked if you use the free or nulled theme.

No SEO results

The reasons for low website speed have been explained earlier. If the website speed is slow, no matter how much you do SEO with an expert, it will not be used. When you are using cheap hosting, you will not get the expected site speed, and you will not get any result in SEO. It is normal that the site that is down most of the time will take longer to load. Google will consider this as a bad aspect of your site and will have a bad effect on SEO. You will lose a lot of visitors. When a visitor enters your site and finds such a down condition, he will lose interest in entering your site later. So think seriously about the future of your website. IT Nut Hosting is your only trusted platform to make a shiny future of your website.

From Whom Can You Get Good BDIX Hosting?

Many web hosting service providers in Bangladesh are now offering BDIX services. Before buying hosting, you should get some information about where you should buy it from. You can also find out from the experienced people who provide quality BDIX hosting in Bangladesh. After visiting a good review site you will get an idea about different companies, and it will help you to buy hosting from a good provider. You can search for an affordable price, but you may not get always good service if you search cheap.

A money-back guarantee is an essential factor for web hosting. Most companies offer a 7 to the 30-day money-back guarantee. Before buying, make sure the company is offering a money-back guarantee. 

Why IT Nut Hosting Best?

IT Nut Hosting

IT Nut has been providing domains and hosting services since 2014. Their own characteristics set them apart from others. They ensure that your site has the right speed, security, and best uptime. You probably know that IT Nut Hosting is well known to users for providing timely support. You can pay at the method of your choice. They use the most secure and popular payment gateway SSLCommerz, but do not charge extra for the payment gateway charges. If you want to buy the BDIX hosting package of IT Nut Hosting, you can use their 1-week free trial first. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee that will secure the money you spend. If you are not satisfied with their service use, you will get your money back without any question. 

Of course, the BDIX packages prices of IT Nut Hosting may seem affordable to you, but a bit higher than other providers. As IT Nut Hosting is giving premium features, their price is comparatively less we think. 


BDIX hosting is a great service when you are targeting Bangladeshi visitors. Every day, many websites are being hosted targeting local visitors. BDIX hosting is a boon for those websites where most of the target audience is from Bangladesh. When Bangladeshi users visit a site on the BDIX network, it will be connected to the server quickly. The website will load fast as if browsing on your PC.

The most used location server in Bangladesh is in the USA. USA server response times range from 250 to 450 milliseconds, excluding CDN. However, everyone is looking for an affordable package, but you should know that the price of BDIX hosting is generally higher than other hosting. 

So when you buy at a higher price, you should take it from the best company. Every package of BDIX hosting from IT Nut Hosting is offering you amazing features at reasonable prices. So if you want to purchase the service without compromising on quality, IT Nut Hosting is recommended.

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