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Web hosting is the process of setting up a website on a specific server and providing the necessary infrastructure to manage all the activities of that website. Basically hosting services are divided into different types of packages so that you can buy exactly as much as you need. Also, the cost of buying hosting depends on how much hosting space you are buying. In the case of web hosting, there are different plans including 2 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, and so on. 

However, for those who are beginners, 5 GB hosting is better at first but you will need a little more space when visitors are growing to your website and new content is being added. After the 5 GB package usually comes the topic of 10 GB hosting, you can upgrade to 10 GB or more as per your requirement. The topic of this article today is the price of a 10 GB hosting package, which features are included, and where you can get good quality service. 

When Do You Need 10 GB Hosting?

Hosting companies offer many packages for the same plan. Some additional benefits are added according to the package. So choose the right package as per your needs and budget. There are many local and foreign companies to buy hosting but it is better to buy from local companies to avoid the hassle of transactions in foreign companies as there are some top providers in the country and they are providing quality service in the country and abroad. If your website visitors keep growing and if you need a little more space then the IT Nut Nut Silver package 10 GB hosting may be the best option for you.

10 GB Hosting Price

In many cases, 10GB of hosting is enough for a website. You can buy 10 GB hosting package Monthly, Yearly, 2 Years, and 3 Years. You can buy this package for only BDT 499/mo. If you buy it except monthly, you will get 35% discount which is quite affordable compared to the resources in the package. Let’s take a look at the features that IT Nut Hosting is offering in its 10 GB hosting package. 

Nut Silver package has many interesting resources including hosting 3 websites. It is worth mentioning here that some companies offer 10 GB hosting at very low prices but if you check you can see that they have limited many features like bandwidth. So it is never profitable for you to save a little money to buy a 10 GB hosting package. You will not get the number of premium features you need because no company will give them so much at a cheap price. Anyway, we go back to our original discussion. 

Compared to other companies, you can find that IT Nut Hosting offers many great features at reasonable prices. It has Unlimited Bandwidth, Subdomains, Email Accounts, Weekly backup, 99.9% uptime, 24/7 support, and much more. 

  • Monthly Price = BDT 499 (Regular Price BDT 499)
  • Yearly Price = BDT 3900 (Regular Price BDT 6000) 35% OFF
  • 2 Years Price = BDT 7800 (Regular Price BDT 12000) 35% OFF
  • 3 Years Price = BDT 11700 (Regular Price BDT 18000) 35% OFF

Why Nut Silver Package Best for You?

Why You Should Buy Shared Hosting

It has been said before that the number of 10 GB hosting providers at very low prices is not small. In addition, various hosting companies offer to buy cheap-cost hosting for various occasions in order to maintain their dominance in the competitive market. Again, many people claim to be the best before buying a hosting package, but later it is seen that their service is comparatively much worse. 

Especially when it comes to other features of the package such as bandwidth, uptime, loading speed, customer support, etc. there is always a problem. Therefore, in order to avail of these benefits, one should not just buy attractive and cheap-costed packages without checking the quality of service of the hosting company. The 10 GB package of IT Nut Hosting is suitable for you because you can buy it at a reasonable price and get many more features which you can understand only by using the service. 

Remember, the performance of your site will depend on your hosting. If you fail to purchase a high-speed hosting service. Then remember that you are trapped in losing your profit. Naturally, the price of IT Nut Hosting is a bit higher than those who offer hosting services at cheap prices, but your chances of getting quality service are 100%. The higher the loading speed of your site, the more the visitors of your site will increase. If the loading speed is low then you have to lose visitors. 

What Else are You Getting at IT Nut Hosting? 

While at IT Nut Hosting you get a lot of premium features in addition to unlimited bandwidth, don’t think that your website will never experience downtime. Your website may be down but it is much less than others as IT Nut Hosting always offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It is true that now every hosting company promises to be active 99.9% of the uptime, but it is not possible to calculate their actual uptime. 

Yet, the 10 GB hosting of IT Nut Hosting has a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can purchase the service with confidence and if for any reason you are not satisfied then we will refund your money as per the company policy. 

Moreover, the most common feature of IT Nut Hosting is that it goes without saying, If you want to get the desired customer service with quality service then you must use the service of IT Nut Hosting. We have already earned a good reputation for providing timely customer service and have overtaken many top local companies in Bangladesh. 

You probably know when you need a 10 GB hosting package. The price of this package is not very low so there is no need to use it at the beginning because no website needs so much space at the beginning of the journey. But when buying, make sure that you are getting the necessary features. IT Nut Hosting will give you the best service at an affordable price and you will surely understand how many resources are in our package.

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Even if you start a small website, it is no longer small, especially in blogs or news portals. The number of visitors is increasing day by day so more space, as well as more resources, are needed. When the monthly traffic is much higher than before then 10 GB hosting will be the best option for you. It is recommended to use the services of IT Nut Hosting to ensure maximum performance of the website within your budget.

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