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There are different types of web hosting services based on users’ needs. No matter which service you use, it can be a little difficult to target Bangladeshi traffic just because almost all hosting uses an external server except BDIX hosting. So, in this case, your only solution is BDIX hosting. The main advantage of BDIX hosting is that the website hosted on the Bangladeshi server that’s why it’s can be 200 times faster than other servers and no international routing is required for this.

BDIX hosting does not matter the users’ internet speed, which means that even if your internet speed is slow, you will be able to visit that site within the shortest possible time if your ISP is connected with BDIX. Even if the international Internet is off, your site will not be closed anyhow. So you must understand that if your target is Bangladeshi traffic then you should choose BDIX hosting.

What is BDIX Hosting?

There is no one who has not heard of BDIX as the top internet exchange point in Bangladesh. BDIX was created to enable the major Internet service providers in Bangladesh to transfer data to local networks at high speeds without relying on external submarine cables. BDIX has connections with about 3500 internet service providers in Bangladesh. The servers covered under this network are called BDIX hosting. 

Many big e-commerce sites, blogs, news portals, magazines and many other website owners in Bangladesh use BDIX hosting which targets Bangladeshi traffic. There are many hosting companies in Bangladesh that provide BDIX hosting services, but it should be purchased from the provider who offers good service in terms of quality, features and prices. IT Nut Hosting is one of the leading web hosting providers in Bangladesh which has been providing quality domain and hosting services to local and foreign customers since 2014 and we have numerous satisfied customers of BDIX hosting services. 

The main purpose of BDIX hosting is to provide high speeds to Bangladeshi users in less time and with faster response. But if you want to know what are the other benefits of BDIX hosting, then find out below.

  • The faster the routing, the shorter the response time
  • The best option to target Bangladesh based audience
  • Bandwidth speed is better for Bangladeshi users
  • The highest speed available compared to other servers

In BDIX hosting you do not need to rely on international bandwidth which means you get the full benefit of local bandwidth. When a file is sent from one ISP to another, it reaches the user in a short time without any interruption. BDIX hosting is your only hope for the fastest time to reach your target Bangladeshi audience.

BDIX Web Hosting vs BDIX Server

If you want to find out the difference between BDIX hosting and BDIX server then it can be said that there is no special difference between them because BDIX hosting is provided from the BDIX server. Usually, people understand BDIX server as BDIX VPS or Dedicated server but BDIX hosting means all of these. Simply, VPS server or VPS hosting is created from a dedicated server. Similarly, BDIX web hosting or shared hosting is created from also dedicated server. This means that BDIX hosting and server are deeply related to each other.

No matter which BDIX VPS server or BDIX web hosting you use, their location is the same, so when you are targeting only Bangladeshi visitors, you have to choose one of them. Since there is no possibility of getting it from a foreign company, you have to take this service from a reliable Bangladeshi web hosting company like IT Nut Hosting.

First, you can use the IT Nut Hosting BDIX web hosting service for your site because its price is relatively affordable and the quality is much better than others. But if you are looking for a very cheap BDIX package then IT Nut Hosting is not for you because we offer premium quality service without compromising on quality so we never offer cheap. If you look at our customer reviews you will find evidence of this. Anyway, let’s talk about the existing matter.

BDIX shared hosting should not be used for a long time in case of a blog, news portal, or e-commerce site if you want to increase the speed of the site and ensure security because naturally, the visitors of these sites increase day by day. The only solution is to move to other premium BDIX hosting plans or a BDIX VPS server. In this case, you can use either managed or unmanaged BDIX VPS hosting.

How to Buy BDIX Hosting With Bkash

We are offering three packages of BDIX web hosting which starts from 5 GB storage. If you compare our BDIX web hosting with other hosting companies, you will see that none of them offer unlimited bandwidth. There are also limitations in the other features. Also their customer support is often not standard. IT Nut Hosting will definitely keep you away from these hassles as our main goal is to satisfy our customers by providing the best quality service.

However, our BDIX web hosting order process is not so complicated and you can easily make service payments in any payment gateway. For the convenience of you, we will show how to order BDIX web hosting with Bkash. So let’s take a look at the process step by step.

Step – 1

First enter our website by typing in the browser and hover the mouse point over BDIX from the top bar menu of the homepage and click on BDIX hosting. 

Step – 2

After scrolling down, select the billing cycle of the package. If you want to order for one month then click on the monthly button. Similarly, if you want to order for yearly, 2 years or 3 years, then click on that button to select the billing cycle. You will get a discount on every billing cycle except monthly. 

Step – 3

Before clicking on the Start Now button, scroll down to see the feature details and technical specifications of the BDIX packages. Also, if you want to change the price currency, click on the Currency Down Arrow button in the top bar menu to see the price in your desired currency.

Step – 4

Today’s ordering method will show you how to buy the BDIX Starter package for 1 year. So here you have to select the billing cycle for 1 year and click on the ‘Start Now’ button of the BDIX Starter package.

Step – 5

Set up your domain from the ‘Choose a Domain’ page. In this case, if you want to add a new domain with the hosting then click on ‘Register a new domain’. Then search to check its availability and purchase your desired domain name. If you want to transfer a domain from another provider to us, choose the second option. Sometimes you may have already purchased a domain, so in this case, choose the third option (I will use my existing domain and update nameservers), then type your domain name and also enter the domain extension in the next field. Then click on the ‘Use’ button. 

Step – 6

Now check out the order summary from the ‘Review and Checkout’ option. You can change the currency from here. Click on the down arrow button from the currency option. Use the promo code (Nut35) in the promotion option and see the details of the discount you’re getting.

Step – 7

Now you need to register an account with us to complete the order. If you already have an account, click on ‘Existing customer login’ and log in with the details (email address and password). You can also access your account directly by clicking ‘sign in with google’.  However, if you are a new user, you can register your account by selecting the ‘Create a new account’ option and manually filling up the form shown below.

Note: We have an article and video related to the hosting account register, you can come and see it if you need 

Step – 8

In this step, from the ‘Payment Method’ section, you have to select the method you want to pay with. Since you want to make payment through Bkash, select the ‘SSLCommerz (Bkash, Rocket, BD Cards)’ option. In addition, if you want to pay through an International card or Paypal, then select the following options. Then click on the ‘I have read and agree to the terms of service’ option in the checkmark box and click on the ‘Checkout’ option.

Step – 9

After coming to the payment gateway page, select ‘Bkash’ from the ‘Mobile Banking’ option. You can also select the card or Net Banking option according to your needs.

Step – 10

Now type the Bkash account number correctly through which you want to make the payment. Now click on confirm button. 

Step – 11

Check the inbox of your Bkash number and you will see that there is a verification code sent by Bkash. Type the code in the box. If for some reason the code does not go to your inbox then click on the ‘Resend code option. Once the code is typed, click the ‘Confirm’ button.

Step – 12

Now type the PIN number of your Bkash account and click on confirm button again. Here you have to wait for a while for the login interface of the client area. Once the interface is shown, you have to log in to your client area with your login details.

Step – 13

As soon as you login, you will see a list of all the services in your account and the status of the package you are ordering now can also be seen here. Due to our automation system any of our services will be activated as soon as you make payment. If you change the name server of the domain with which you have ordered the hosting, it will be connected automatically to the hosting.

Step – 14

In the final step, you will notice that there are 4 emails in your inbox related to order confirmation, welcome, web hosting cPanel account information email from IT Nut Hosting system, and also a payment received an email from SSLCommerz. If you open the web hosting account information email, you will get all the details including cPanel login access. 

Hopefully, now you know clearly how to order BDIX hosting from IT Nut Hosting with Bkash. Besides, you can easily order any hosting package of your choice by following the whole process mentioned above. You have to do the same when ordering from Rocket or Nagad. 

But even after following our guide, if there is any problem while ordering, please contact us immediately, you will get all possible help as we provide 24/7 customer service so you can expect our help at any time.


Lastly, if you want to be a BDIX hosting user, you must purchase from a trusted platform and you should keep in mind some general things when buying a hosting service. For example, what features you’re getting, whether you can make easy payments if the provider will help you with package order issues and whether you can get their help at the right time on any matters. Although BDIX hosting is provided only by Bangladeshi web hosting companies, you may think to get support according to your time, but sadly it is true that not all companies in Bangladesh are highly active in this regard. They do not care more about client support.

We suggest that you check out our customer reviews before ordering our BDIX hosting, we hope you get a complete idea about the quality of our service. You can also check it out for yourself through our free trial. However, in this article, we have tried to present the order process as you understand. So, now you can easily order any of our BDIX hosting packages with Bkash. Finally, if you have any questions or trouble understanding somewhere, let us know in the comment section.

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