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SSL (secure sockets layer) is a secure draft between a web browser and a web server. SSL works for data transfer and logins, secure credit card transactions, also used for securing browsing of social media sites. 

SSL Certificate stands for securing many domains with one SSL Certificate. It triggers the browser padlock or leading green browser bar to make sure visitors that it’s safe. Well-known websites are using this to protect their data and also their visitor’s data to remain their authority. 

If you are involved in any online business then you have to do a lot of conversation daily with your customer. Through this conversation, you both share your personal information. So it’s important to make sure that your conversations and information remain protected. So without SSL, it’s very risky to share your important information like bank details. 

With SSL your data will be encrypted. There will be extra protection coating to your all personal information. Also, your customers feel secure while doing conversations with you if you install SSL on your business or website. A website that contains SSL has ‘’HTTPS’’ in its URLs rather than ‘’HTTP’’. 

How Does SSL Work? 

How Does SSL Work?

It will make a bridge between your web browser and website server. You will get a trust mark, a padlock, highlighted green website name. 

● Encrypted data so that no one can decrepit can 

● Verifying data that hardens to reach its deliberate recipient

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Why is SSL important for your Website? 

To make all your information like passwords, online banking transactions, and data transfer safe and secure SSL is the best security service. Without SSL it’s like you are telling your important information on public transport. It will encrypt all your data in a safe way. 

● Increase customer’s trust also improve conversation rate 

● Save your valuable information safe from hackers 

● Highlight unsafe HTTP website 

Different Types of SSL 

There are different types of SSL available. Here are some of them: 

Domain validated certificate (DV) 

Level of validation: lowest 

This certificate offers the public to use a secure connection to your website. DV SSL has an HTTP connection and an HTTPS web address. 

Organization validated certificates (OV) 

Level of validation: Medium 

The CA of the OV SSL certificate will investigate to make sure that it is genuine or not. Company information and HTTP will mention in certificate details. 

Extended Validation Certificate (EV) 

Level of validation: Most strict level 

EV SSL certificates support 

The organization information, company ownership, physical location, legal existence, etc.The company name will materialize in the green address bar to the visitor’s browser.

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How To Add an SSL Certificate 

How To Add an SSL Certificate

To add SSL you have to progress verification controls arranged by certificate authorities. If your all documents and applications get approved then they will issue an SSL Certificate. Thawte, DigiCert, Comodo, Symantec, GlobalSign are the best and most trusted SSL Certificate seller companies. For choosing SSL Certificate contributor 

mentioned steps will help you to make an impact on your customers choice: 

  • Brand 
  • Validation Type 
  • Issue Time 
  • Domains Included 
  • Server Licensing 
  • Installation Checker 
  • Supported Browsers 
  • Support For Scan
  • Site Seal 
  • Warranty 

Gaining customer trust is an important fact. It will make you and your customer bonding beautiful.

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