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If you’re looking for web hosting as a beginner, you may encounter some unfamiliar terms.These terms will not only make your task difficult but also may discourage you. So, in this article, we will try to make those terms easier for you, suggest a suitable hosting plan and at the end, you’ll learn a lot about web hosting. 

Now, how to determine if a hosting plan is beginner-friendly or not? We are going to set some parameters to make our task easier and properly done. A beginner-friendly hosting plan must contain a simple and user-friendly dashboard and a one-click app installer. Because a complex dashboard will not only create problems but also will discourage a beginner. This may also cause the end to someone’s interest in the world of website building. Also, the price should affordable for anyone who is just starting in the field, as most beginners usually try to spend as little as Possible.

I would like to suggest you the “Nut Diamond” pack from “ITNut Hosting”. This is a great beginner-friendly hosting plan from them. But what makes it best is their “free website migration” and “30 days money-back guarantee”. This means after a week if you feel uncomfortable, you can still migrate free of charge. So, I would say it’s worth the try.

Some other reason that may help you to decide:

24/7/365 Customer Support: For beginners in any field support is a must to grow to their potential. It is very tough to find a mentor for everything. Even if you have someone. Naturally, your mentor may not be able to help you out with everything. That’s the point when you will need support from your hosting. ITNut Hosting provides 24/7/365, which means they will be there for you anywhere, anytime. You won’t have to wait for the morning if you feel stuck even at midnight.

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Back-up: Website data should be backed up daily for safekeeping. Thus if some kind of problem occurs with the server, the data won’t get lost. But most beginners are unaware of these things while entering the field. IT Nut Hosting take care of these things for their clients as they back up the user data daily. Thus if you’re a beginner who forgets to back up the data, you won’t have to worry about it while using their service.

Affordable Pricing: The “Nut Diamond” plan comes with great pricing as they provide discounts depending on the duration of your plan. If you go for a single month it will cost you almost $12. But if you rather go for a 12months plan then this will cost you $8.25/month. You are going to get the highest discount if go for a 36-month plan, costing you only $5.90 per month. They also have a 24-month plan. So, whether you are setting up a business or just creating a website out of passion. They have the perfect pricing depending on your need.

Free SSL: SSL encrypts every data that goes from the visitor’s device to the target website. Thus the data is secured from a third party. This very important as browser and search engines nowadays takes SSL very seriously. They issue warnings and mark non-SSL sites as insecure. SSL also affects search rankings. As these search engines want safety for their users, they try to hide every site that is labeled insecure from their primary search results. So, if your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate it is going heavily to affect the ranking of your website. SSL certificate is not free, you need to purchase it to use. IT Nut Hosting provides free SSL certificates with their “Nut Diamond”, which means this hosting plan will not only make your site secure but also save you a lot of money.

cPanel: cPanel is the most popular control panel. It is mainly Linux based graphical user interface (GUI) that helps to simplify websites and server management. It is a third-party paid app. So, you have to pay first to use the app. But most of the hosting providers provide this for free including IT Nut Hosting. Many hosting providers are going for an alternate option asecently there has been an increase in the cost of cPanel but IT Nut Hosting is continuing the service.

1-Click App Installer: For a beginner, the app installing process should be as easy as possible. The Nut Diamond plan has a 1-click app installer that makes it as easy as possible. It doesn’t matter which app you use, you may use WordPress, Joomla, or any other CMS, the 1-click installer supports almost all of them.

Addon Domain: Suppose you are an instructor for a web development course, you can ask your students to host their projects (websites) here. Thus they can host their websites at a very cheap rate with higher security. You can also share the server space with your family and friends.

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Why You Should Buy Shared Hosting

Unlimited email: Official e-mail is a very important thing. email sent from a custom email address get more attention than the mails sent from regular mail addresses. It also helps in email marketing. So, having an email address for your employees helps the company from various dimensions.

50 GB SSD Storage: The more storage space you have the more independently you can work. “Nut Diamond” pack provides 50 GB SSD space to its user, which is one of the highest in this budget range. The system is also very much optimized which increases the speed of SSD.

Multiple Payment Options: ITNut Hosting has lots of payment options available. You can pay with a credit card and online banking of your choice. They also have mobile banking as a payment option like bkash,rocket, nagad which makes it easier for anyone to use their service.


As a beginner, it is natural to be confused while buying something for the first time. The best practice is to research as much as possible. The more research you conduct, the more accurate your decision gets. You can search on google, ask the experts, and have a look at reviews to get a clear idea about the product you are going to buy.

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