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There are various top-level domain extensions available. Among them .com, ,org, .net and many more are popular extensions. But the most popular domain extension is the .com domain we all know about that. You should consider the popularity of any top-level domain extension. Choosing one TLD can be better for your site improvement and online presence.

Popular Domain Extensions 

.com domain 

.com domain is the most registered domain on the internet. Nowadays .com domain has more than 141 million registration. In 1985 it was created for commercial use. It is hard to find a meaningful domain name in .com as it is one of the most famous and used for so long. Every country, every business, every market recognizes this domain. 

.co domain 

.co domain is short and easy to remember. It is a comparatively new extension, so there is a great chance to grab your dream name. It can be used for companies, committees, communities, etc and most importantly .co domain is memorable. Since 2010 any person or organization can buy this domain extension. 

 .net domain 

The .net domain is another popular domain like .com. They both are verified domain extensions. When you can’t find any .com domain extension available according to your name .net will be the 2nd best option for you. This domain will protect your website from your opposition. You will also get the option to enlarge your brand in the future. As .net extension is one of the top-level domain extensions so it may help you to rank on SEO. it will help your business to create a positive image.

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.info domain 

.info is the first alternative to the .com domain extension. Since the domain name system developed in the 1980s primarily released new 7 domain extensions them .info has been one of the most successful domain extensions. It will be best for the informative website. If your site is all about sharing information you must buy a .info domain extension without any hesitation. 

.org domain 

The .org domain is another hereditary that always dominates the domain registration card. At a low cost, you will get this domain extension. The .org extension is best for the non-profitable organization. Usually, it’s no use for commercial purposes. For gaining your visitor’s trust or confidence .org domain will help you a lot. 

.club domain 

The .club is a specific term with a lot of meanings. Since 2014 the .club domain has arrived, it has remained popular payable to its sincerity for interpretation. It will be a perfect home for congenial people to learn new skills and exchange ideas. You can use this domain for your foreign language club, tennis club, chess club websites. 

.me domain 

.me domain

.me is the one of best personal domain extensions. It helps people all over the world to make their personal online brand. It also carries multiple languages. And .me is SEO friendly which will help your audience to find your brand easily on search engines. Through .me you can tell the world the most important things about yourself. 

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.biz domain 

.biz is the best domain extension for business. With the .biz domain, you can attract more expected media and investors. It is designed for bona field business or commercial use. 

.us domain 

You can get a lot of benefits with the .us domain. You can build a strong reputation identifying as an American company or brand through the .us domain. Through the .us domain, you can identify your brand as a part of the American brand. 

.ca domain 

.ca is a country code domain of Canada. But anyone can use this domain all over the world. No matter which kind of website you carry a small business website, an engineer, a designer .ca will fit for you. A .ca domain will help your brand to gain more visibility. Because it is professional, memorable, and short. 

These are the top 10 most popular domain extensions. Hope you will get help from our article about the best domain extension. It will help you to choose your perfect one according to your brand name. These all domain extensions are available in IT Nut Hosting. You can grab your perfect one from IT Nut Hosting.

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