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Nowadays you can’t grow your online business without digital marketing. To increase your huge audience base, increase sales, enhance brand awareness, and get many more advantages digital marketing is a must for you. Digital marketing provides unlimited opportunities to make your brand one of the best. You will have all kinds of assists to make your business succeed through digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing Tools?

Digital marketing tools are platforms that make it easy to use or increment digital marketing channels. These tools are created to make it easier and uplift the performance. Choosing the right tools is necessary for every digital marketing strategy. Now we are going to know about the 5 best digital marketing tools. 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool. It is an amazing and must-have tool for your business. Through this tool, you can track your visitor’s activity and mention interlinks from different websites. For example, you can know the source of content that generates the most attention and also where the online traffic comes from. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Integrate Google Analytics with your business. It will help you to understand the users comprehension of your content. It is the best way to monitor your visitors’ activity while they browse your site. 

Some key features:

  • Audience reports
  • Custom alerts
  • Campaign traffic measurement
  • Regular expressions
  • Google Analytics add-ons
  • Google Analytics API
  • Improve E-commerce


Mail cheap is an email marketing platform. By using these tools digital marketers can build up a stronger relationship with their customers. More than 12 million users are using this tool around the world. You can easily create emails for your customer through Mailchimp. 

More than 80% of marketers find effective email marketing to stay in touch with their customers. Tools like Mailchimp makes it more effective and easier. It is one of the expert email marketing centers in the world. It also makes sure that your customer finds an instant answer to their question. 

Small businesses can have a substantial solution with the free version. In the free version, they will get up to 2000mail subscribers and several Mailchimp templates.

Some key features: 

  • Mailchimp editor
  • Email designer
  • Email client testing
  • Mobile sign-up forms
  • Mailchimp VIPs
  • RSS-to-mail
  • Spam filter diagnostic 
  • Email templates 
  • Delivery by time zone
  • Integrations


SEMrush is one of the built-in digital marketing tools. It will improve your ranking on SEO. through this tool, you can know how many people search for the same as your keywords. It is a competitor-based research tool. You can find your competitor’s rank.

You can also trait your competitors’ backlinks and you can also monitor their movements in ranking. You can administer a full competitive resolution with this tool. SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool out there. 

Some key features:

  • Backlinking projects
  • Keyword research
  • Social media tracker
  • Google data studio integration
  • Brand monitoring
  • Content analyzer 
  • Display advertising
  • Device and location tracker 
  • Competitors direction reports
  • Site audit and healthiness 



Hutspot is the mother of inbound marketing. They beautifully integrate CRM and marketing platforms in one. It is known as the most complete and vigorous marketing tool. From attracting visitors to closing customers deal all you can get from these tools.

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You can work out everything inside the Hubspot. You can find it more effective and productive also. Its robustness has made it one of the outstanding marketing tools in the whole globe. You can’t go wrong with this tool. 

Some key features:

  • Endless integration
  • Smart lists
  • Landing pages
  • Forms
  • Call-to-actions 
  • Flawless reports and analytics
  • Automation
  • Collaboration with sales and customer success
  • Best customer support
  • List and segmentations


Canva is free and extremely easy to use. With its ready-to-use templates, you can easily create a wonderful blog, ebook cover, social media post, poster, etc within a moment. You can create unique images for your blogs by using this tool. It is fast and easy. 

You can even polish up photos that you already have. With the premium version ‘’Canva for business,’’ you can get more features, templates, and many more. But its free version is enough for a lot of people. 

Some key features:

  • Pre-defined social media images sizes
  • Custom image resizing
  • Free images, templates, infographics, ebook covers, icons, and many more
  • Saved brand colors
  • Folders
  • Sharing with team members
  • Frames 
  • Photo straightener 
  • Design and photo grids
  • Layouts for every occasion 

These are the top 5 digital marketing tools. How much important Digital marketing is for your online business you must be known. Same as choosing the right digital marketing tools is necessary. Hope you can find it helpful to choose your right one among the above.

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