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To protect your data and your customer’s data from any cyber criminals is called website security and it is very important. Nowadays websites have become a famous way for everything, like information collecting, shopping, education, etc, so it’s very important to protect your data from cybercriminals or hackers. 

Also protecting your website from any cyber criminals or hackers will help your website ranking on search engines. Hacked your website can hinder your google search engine ranking. 

Can you imagine how important it is to protect your website from hackers? They target all the small to large companies. So no matter which kind of website you are managing you have to take some precautions to protect your website from hackers. 

Now we are going to mention some easy steps to protect your website.  5 ways to protect your website from hackers:

Make Sure Your Password Encryption 

Make Sure Your Password Encryption

It’s a very important step to secure your website. You have to add a strong password to secure your logins and your customer information. 

What is SSL? How Does SSL Work?

You can use (HotGator’s password generator tool) to find out a strong and long password. Mixup numbers, characters, and letters to make it strong and powerful. Do not use your name or birthday in your password. It will make it easy for hackers to find out your password if they can access your information. 

Also, make sure that those who have access to your website use strong passwords. Otherwise, a weak password can make your website accessible. 

Install Security Plugins 

Security plugins can dynamically attempt to protect your website from hackers. There are a lot of security plugins available there. Some of them are free.

Security plugin for your wordpress website: 

● Sucuri 

● iTheme security 

● Bulletproof security 

● Jetpack 

● Malcare

Security extension for Joomla: 

● jomDefender 

● jHackGuard 

● Antivirus website protection 

● RSFirewall 

These are some security plugins that protect your website from hackers. Build your website with CMS (content management system) for more benefits like sitelock. Sitelock will monitor every basic thing like malware scanning, virus scanning, etc more options you will get. Site lock will be very beneficial for your website protection. 


HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol secure) will add an extra protection layer to your website. To protect some sensitive information like a credit card, contact information, personal data between your website and the server you have to install an SSL certificate. 

It’s very important for all kinds of websites. Also, it’s essential for eCommerce sites. For safe and secure browsing search engines take more serious security issues. If you don’t use an SSL Certificate it can lower your rank in the search engine. One SSL certificate can help you to gain your customer trust in the long run. Once you start to use this SSL Certificate you will get help in the long run. 

It’s not that expensive either. So once you invest in HTTPS your customer will trust your website for sharing their most important information without hesitation. Upgrade your website security with HTTPS. 

Keep Software Up To Date

Keep Software Up To Date

It’s very important to look after all your software up to date to keep your website safe. You will get varieties of benefits for using CMS (content management system) but also it will cause risk. They created open-source software programs that make easy code accessible. It makes untroubled information for malicious hackers. 

Help! My Website is Hacked, What Should I Do?

A lot of developers use npm, Composer, RubyGems, etc tools for managing their software. They should make sure to check out their updates. You have to look out for your plugins, apps, management system, any kind of script, etc you have installed are up-to-date for protecting your website. 

If your website is built through WordPress you can see your up-to-date whenever you log in to your WordPress dashboard. You can find an update icon at the top of your corner. 

Get Website Security Tools 

You can test your website security by using some effective tools. You will find different kinds of free and commercial products to help you secure your website. 

Here are some best free security tools you can use: 

● Open Vase- currently scan out for 25,000 websites. They claim to be the best advanced open-source security scanner. 

● Netsparker- it has a free trial version. 

● SecurityHeaders.oi- it’s a quick report security tool. 

These are the most effective steps to protect your website from hackers. It is very important to take some effective steps to secure your dream website. Make it one of the best-secured websites you have to do this. It will also increase your customers or visitor trust which will be a big achievement for you.

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