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After creating a website it’s very important to keep it safe and secured. You don’t want that after investing your efforts and money someone will hack your site, right? Through the internet, cybercriminals can break into your website without leaving their plant. 

In general, 18.5 million websites are infected with malware at any time. 90,000 websites get hacked each day most of them are using WordPress. Can you guess how much of a risk your website has? Here is some damage can happen by hackers to your website: 

● Perhaps you can lose your data, lose access to your website, or data could be held hostage. 

● Your data can be stolen by the hacker.

● Your website can be used to distribute malicious code to unsuspecting users.

● Your website can be destroyed and this will hinder your SEO rankings. 

For these reasons, you have to take a lot of effective precautions to protect your website. There are a lot of different types of security plugins available. Using a WordPress security plugin for your WordPress site will help you with the hardest security and will also block brute force attacks. 

We are going to mention the top 5 WordPress security plugins which will help you to choose the perfect one for your website. They all have top-class features. That will be best for your website security. 

Here is the TOP 5 Best WordPress Security Plugin below there:


Sucuri is the dominant website security company for WordPress. You will get all the free features from Sucuri. Except for the website firewall. If you are looking for the best security plugin with a free version then Sucuri is the best security plugin for you. 

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If something goes wrong with your website you will get a notification immediately. This security plugin provides you the most exceptional security hardening. You can add more additional security with the Sucuri Security. You can get these benefits mentioned below from Sucuri Security: 

● Remote Malware scanning 

● Security activity auditing 

● Firewall integrity monitoring 

● Post-hack security action 

● Security hardening 

● Website blocklist monitoring 

● Website firewall 

● Security notifications 

All these are the best security plugin features you will have from Sucuri Security. 


The malcare security plugin ensures you have a safe and secured website. Malcare security plugin is one of the best WordPress security plugins. This is the fastest malware detection and removal plugin. Malcare security has automated malware removal and can remove viruses & bad actors within just a moment.

Another advantage is you can’t find your website slowing down while scanning for viruses. It has a powerful effective firewall. You can manage multiple websites on WordPress. Malcare also gives you 90 days of backup for your site so that you don’t need to worry about losing your data. 

This plugin will notify you while the website goes down so that you can manage the circumstance earlier you lose visitors. You will have some free services and some are paid services. By premium White-Label you can have agencies provide better security. It sets up your account in 60 seconds, so it’s a time saver. You will get these service through Malecare:

● CAPTA- Best login protection (free) 

● Cloud-Based Malware Scanning (free) 

● Web-Application WordPress firewall (free) 

● Viewing Hacked Files (paid) 

● GEO-Blocking(paid) 

● WordPress Recommended Website Hardening(paid) 

● Industry-First Instant Malware Removal(paid) 

● Uptime Monitoring(paid) 

iTheme Security 

At one-time iTheme security was known as a better security plugin. With this plugin, users will be automatically banned if they try to attempt numerous logins. That will stop a brute force attack on your website. 

It will provide you the locking out of bad users, strong password enforcement, database backups, also two-factor authentication. This also forces SSL for admin pages, posts, etc. iTheme security will hide nearly all the common WordPress security undefended which are targeted by hackers. You will get notified as soon as via mail that your site has been endangered. 

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Through the iTheme Security plugin, you can activate a total of 30 security measures by upgrading iTheme security pro. 

There is some feature mentioned below you will get through iTheme security plugin: 

● Add an extra coat of protection to your log-in. 

● It proves file change detection.

● 404 detection, strong password, and brute force detection.

● WordPress security keys.

● Importing and exporting capabilities.

● File comparisons.

● Google reCAPTCHA.

● Schedule malware scans.

● Dashboard widgets.

There are a lot of security features you will have through the iTheme security plugin. So if you are looking for a best-featured plugin iTheme will be one of them.

All in One WP Security And Firewall 

All in One WP Security And Firewall

Are you looking for the most featured-packed security plugin? Then All In One WP Security and Firewall is the best security plugin for you. The interface is the easiest to use and will give you satisfying customer support without any kind of premium plans. Also, the plugin will suggest to you which step you can take to secure your website. 

They divide their categories into 3 strategies,those are: 

● Basic 

● Intermediate 

● Advance 

Most importantly you will get the protection of your user’s accounts, enhance the user registration security, blocking forceful attempts. You are also able to apply undeniable firewall rules that won’t obstruct the purpose of your website. 

There are some features mentioned below: 

● The most important thing is the plugin has 100% free features.

● It has a blacklist tool.

● All In One WP Security & Firewall has backup, htaccess and wp-config files. Also, you can restore them if something goes wrong.

● It shows one graph to identify how strong your website is. 


Jetpack is one of the well-known security plugins. It has a lot of features. It helps to strengthen your social media, including advanced security, site speed up and spam protection, automatic backups, etc. it contains 5 million+ activations. 

It will provide you real-time backup which will automatically activate whenever you make changes. You will have an unlimited backup with a subscription so you don’t have to worry about lack of space. You can set up an automatic Jetpack’s scan feature. This feature will help you to scan automatically any content or files. It will also scan your whole website and stop attacks before anything wrong happens.

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You may have a lot of spam comments in your comment section which will make your visitors uneasy or put them in an awful situation. With the help of Jetpack’s feature, you can remove spam submissions and block them from your website. 

There are some features Jetpack offers: 

● Downtime monitoring to know about your issues as soon as.

● Brute force attack protection.

● It has site customization, email marketing, social media.

● Activity log.

● Backups, security scanning, spam protection.

These are the 5 topmost WordPress security plugins. You can get a lot of benefits and features through these WordPress security plugins. There are some free featured plugins and also some paid featured plugins. You can choose according to your needs.

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