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WordPress is one of the best website builders and an open-source content management system. It was written in PHP. It was released on May 27(2003). 

Through WordPress, you can create any kind of website. The most amazing part is it’s a free website building platform with the best features. Most people are creating their websites with WordPress. You can create pages, update your website’s visual appearance, and you can also make blog posts by using WordPress. 

Without any knowledge of coding skills, you can update your content online. It will control your functions, your posts, also your site look. It will help you to build any kind of website like an eCommerce website, business website or online store, creative portfolio. Even you can create your own simple and informative website. It’s beginner-friendly. 

The History Of WordPress 

On 27 May(2003) WordPress was created. This project is known as b2/cafelog. WordPress was created by American developer Matt Mullenweg and English developer Mike Little. They created WordPress to fill the gap for a personal publishing framework built on PHP and MySQL. 

As of 2009, the software is open-source and a lot of projects are built by them. Report of June (2009), 60.8% of websites are created by WordPress. 

Some high point of their development history: 

● In 2003 the first WordCamp was held 

● Automated purchased gravatar 

● In 2008 the WordPress Theme Directory was launched 

● In 2010 WordPress 3.0 was discovered. Which makes the transition from blogging system to full-fledged CMS 

● In 2018 they launched the Gutenberg editor. Which helps users with an instinctual block editing 

Which type of website you can create by WordPress? 

You can create any kind of website through WordPress. You can create a simple blog website to a full-featured business website. Also, you can create an online store with WordPress. Anyone can make any kind of website through WordPress. There are many famous websites created by WordPress. If you look at WordPress showcases you will see many websites are using WordPress every day. From the world’s most popular website to a simple personal blog website everyone can use WordPress. 

How Does WordPress Work? 

WordPress is a content management system(CMS). You can use WordPress for free. WordPress is the operating system of your website. WordPress is programmed in PHP and JavaScript. 

There are two versions of WordPress available. 



WordPress is a beginner-friendly process. After installing WordPress you can decorate your website by adding plugins, installing themes, and posting blogs. You don’t need any special software to create or manage your WordPress website. It works easily. 

What is the difference between and

You can create your website free with It is the hosted version of WordPress. But there are some limitations to using this version. You can’t use all the available thousand themes. If you don’t pay for a WordPress business account you can’t use WordPress plugins.

Through this version, you can use WordPress on your own web hosting account. It’s a self-hosted version of WordPress. You can use any themes you want by using this version. Also, use any kind of plugin according to your website without any limitation. You can get all the advantages WordPress offers you through this version. 

5 Benefits of using WordPress 

5 Benefits of using WordPress

● WordPress is beginner-friendly. It’s very easy to use. 

● WordPress is flexible and customizable 

● WordPress is SEO friendly 

● WordPress is free and open and open source 

● WordPress will manage your site 

WordPress Pros and Cons 

WordPress is one of the best website builders. You will have a lot of advantages by using WordPress. But there are a few difficulties you also have to face. Now we are going to mention those pros and cons below. 

WordPress Pros

● Available Hundred of plugins 

Without any coding, you can design your website with the help of the plugin. Through the plugin, you can optimize your blog post for SEO, add social shares to your website, gain email subscribers for your site, etc. 

● WordPress is a creative software

You can easily understand by WordPress how to create a website. You don’t need to hire any developer, you can create your own website with the help of WordPress perfectly. 

WordPress Cons

● Install updates 

If you have a WordPress website then every time you log in they want updates for plugins, themes, software, etc. for running a healthy website you have to install all the updates. 

● Difficulty in customizing themes 

WordPress has thousands of beautiful WordPress themes. All are customized beautifully. But if you want to customize them as your desire sometimes you have to face difficulty. 

How To Get WordPress Support? 

WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms. So day by day its users are increasing. You will get support from both and whenever you need any solutions. 

What is SSL?

You will find a lot of books to guide you on how to use WordPress. Also, there are many courses available on it. You will find an independent training website to guide you. WordCamp events are the most effective way to connect with WordPress. Look after the WordPress community near you. Do not forget to check out upcoming WordCamp events in your area.

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