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Through Affiliate marketing you can earn commissions by mentioning sales of other products. It is a very easy process. You just have to create a site and promote the specific products you want to sell. 

After getting an idea about the product you want to promote then you have to start a blog and start a promotion. You have to gain traffic on your site. Many online e-commerce companies have fruitful affiliate programs. You can also call it referral marketing. 

In affiliate marketing, you can also start a partnership with a company and add your referral link. This is how you can sell their products through your referral link and earn a commission for every product sold by your link. This is how you can make money by Affiliate marketing. 

How Affiliate Marketing Works? 

● You will suggest a product or service to your users through your website, blog, or email list. 

● For the sales, you made by using your affiliate link you will get paid a commission for that. 

● Your user will purchase the product or service using your affiliate link. 

IT Nut Hosting Affiliate Program

Here are some benefits you will get through IT Nut Hosting affiliate program: 

You will get a maximum of 25% commission with the IT Nut Hosting affiliate program. You can earn a lifetime through your referrals. Base on your sale amount we will give you a certain quantity commission and you will get it as long as the client remains. So, you can earn on average 5000 TK or more than that by referring 1 person. 

What is Digital Marketing?

We clear our affiliate payment regularly. You can easily receive your payment from us. You can receive any internal payment method like bkash, Nagad, Rocket, etc. you can also receive your payment with international methods like Mastercard, and Paypal. Further, you can take your payment through any kind of bank. The customer losing ratio is very less so requiring commission holds real value for you. 

Powerful Affiliate Tracking System 

Powerful Affiliate Tracking System

Through a real-time analytic tracker dashboard, you will get a report for every click. You can see the conversion rate through the dashboard. So that you can decorate your affiliate campaign plan more easily. 

We provide the 60 days tracking cookies to reduce your extra work. If that traffic comes back in 60 days you will get the commission. 

It’s our responsibility to increase your sales conversations. So when you send targeted traffic our automated funnel does the most retargeting tasks for you. 

Build Your Passive Income Stream 

You can monetize your blog, LMS, or youtube with our hosting affiliate program to build an extra passive income stream so that you can earn money in automation. 

Get paid the highest amount if you are a super affiliate or your web agency becomes our official partner. As a partner, you will get custom deals and many extra advantages. Also, we have a B2B partnership. 

You can promote our service with any of your products, themes, plugins, and community. With us, you can build a passive income stream that pays for a lifetime. 

5 Best Digital Marketing Tools

Only in 3 simple steps, you can start our affiliate program: 


First of all, you need to create an affiliate account, then take a look around the affiliate dashboard and generate your affiliate link.


Create a promotion campaign strategically and automate the workflow to minimize the effort and maximize the outcome. 

Earn money 

After getting started the sales, wait for the maturity period then place the withdrawal request and get paid. 

IT Nut Hosting is one of the best hosting companies in Bangladesh. You can rely on us and make more money with our affiliate program.

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