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A content management system (CMS) is a platform where you can easily create your website. You don’t need to understand the coding system for it. It’s become easy to create any kind of website in 2021. You have a lot of CMS platform options to choose from. 

Now we are going to explain in this article why you have to choose the best CMS platform for your website and also we are going to mention the 5  Best Most Popular CMS Platforms.

What is a content management system (CMS)? 

A content management system (CMS) is software that will help you to create websites and manage content. Through CMS you can exponent your content, make changes, format it with the help of a visual editor, etc. 

To write on any webpage you have to use HTML, JavaScript, CSS programming, etc languages. 

But if you use the CMS platform to build your website you don’t need to use this language or a lot of code. Choosing a perfect CMS is a bit difficult. Nowadays CMS options provide you more advantage to create a unique website. You can get one-stop solutions with this CMS. You can also add more extensions and plugins by using the best CMS. 

Features That Should Include By Best CMS 

There are some features the best CMS should include. It will make it easy for you to choose a perfect CMS platform for your website. 

● A good CMS should include a strong editor which will make your content top-grade 

● A good CMS should arrange your content categories perfectly, promote tags to your article 

● They will provide you various type of effective tools that make your website more creative 

● The best CMS is most customizable which will prove you more advanced and unique websites 

● Best CMS has a strong community with professional developers which will give you security patches, updates, and other help from them 

Is CMS Free of Cost?

There are some CMS platforms that you will find free of cost. And for other CMS you have to pay monthly. Even though you are using a free CMS you have to pay for some tools like third-party extensions, designs, web hosting services. Before confirming your CMS platform look after its pricing. 

5 Most and Best Popular CMS Platforms

5 Most and Best Popular CMS Platforms


WordPress is the most popular CMS platform nowadays. The majority of people are using WordPress for their websites. No one doesn’t hear about WordPress CMS platforms related to website development. 

This platform is easy to use. Also, you can customize your site according to your desire. There are thousands of plugins and themes available in WordPress to design your website as you want. You can choose any of them according to your website. 

You will have a powerful editor to make your content more attractive. WordPress CMS platform will also help you to get regular updates, user registrations, features, a huge helpful community. 

Some important features: 

● Have thousand of plugins and themes available 

● Highly flexible and customizable 

● You will have a powerful editor that helps you to format your content 

● Has a large and strong community 

You can use the WordPress CMS platform without any worries or difficulties. It’s a beginner-friendly platform. 


Joomla is another free and popular website. You will get a lot of extensions and templates. After WordPress, Joomla is the most used CMS platform. It’s best for expert web developers. It’s not beginner-friendly like WordPress. If you are running a website that is only based on content writing then Joomla is not a good option for you. 

It’s the best platform for those who are managing custom posts. You will find a lot of effective options if you are doing user management. You can access multiple templates or themes at once for various types of content. It will also provide you multilingual support out of the canteen.

Some important features: 

● Give you advanced user management options 

● Provide multilingual support out of the box 

● Provide beautiful templates for each page type 

● It’s open-source so you will have community supports whenever you need It’s a free platform but you may pay for a domain name and hosting. 

3. Drupal 

Drupal is also an open-source CMS platform. It’s the best option for web developers. You will get a very flexible system for custom post types. It’s a highly customizable platform. Also, it can handle multilingual sites out of the box for you. 

It’s a powerful platform. It’s a secure platform more than WordPress and Joomla. You can get free installation. Drupal can handle a lot of data. Also, you can find it to add content. 

For its strong security option, it’s best for enterprise and business sites. But we will suggest you do not use this platform without any experience in web development. Or without any professional web developer, you shouldn’t use Drupal. 

Some important features: 

● Provide a flexible custom post creation and management system 

● Offers multilingual supports out of the box 

● You will get a taxonomy system 

● Give you advance user management and permission setting 

● Provide you top-notch security 

You can create any kind of website using this CMS platform. 

4. Typo3 

Typo3 is created for enterprise websites. It’s an open-source CMS platform. If you are looking for any enterprise CMS platform Typo3 will be the best choice for you. But before jumping into this CMS platform you have to gain some experience in web development. It’s not beginner-friendly. 

You can get a lot of features by using Typo3. From a single installation, you can run various sites. It will be the best choice for you if you are running and managing multiple sites. Typo3 will save your time.

You can share extensions, templates, and users between your sites. These extra advantages you can only find from Typo3. No other CMS platform will give you this advantage. 

Some important features: 

● Best for enterprise-level sites 

● Offers multilingual supports out of the box 

● It will help you to share your data and tools among your sites 

● You can manage multiple websites from a single installation 

You can include 6,000 extensions to your Typo3 site to add new features.

5. Dotclear 

Are you looking for a straightforward blogging experience? Then Dotclear will be the best option for you. It’s another easy CMS platform. Dotclear features are nearly similar to WordPress. 

Through this platform, you can get taxonomy options, a vigorous set of post publishing, and management options. You can also write your posts in normal texts, HTML, and also in Wiki syntax. 

Also, you can add more features by using plugins and themes. It will provide you to generate RSS feeds. If your site is about simple blogging Dotclear will be the best CMS platform for you. You can add all important options to upload a successful project. 

Some important features: 

● You can easily look after an RSS feed for your website 

● You can easily use it and also can set up 

● You can write in plain text, HTML, and Wiki syntax 

These are some best CMS you can use for your website. All are helpful and you can create any kind of website through these.

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