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If you are thinking about creating your own website WordPress will be the best platform for you. WordPress is a beginner-friendly platform. You will find a lot of beginner-friendly features. WordPress plugins will add more features to your website. You can add strong security features, boost conversations, etc from WordPress plugins. 

There are a lot of WordPress plugins available there. Through these WordPress plugins, you can easily create a website. It will help you to improve your site and make your site safer. 

Now it’s time to choose a plugin for your website. We are mentioning the top 10 most popular WordPress plugins. It will help you to choose your one. Top 10 most popular plugins on WordPress: 


Yoast SEO

More than 5 million active installations use Yoast SEO plugin. So, can you imagine how much in demand the SEO plugin is? It has more than 25,000 five-star reviews. It has the wonderful effect of optimizing content for search engines. With the help of the Yoast SEO plugin, 

you can have Open Graph Tags, set custom title tags, meta descriptions, conicals, etc. Although managing a tiny business or large corporation you will have the most optimizing tools through Yoast. 

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There are some features Yoast SEO offers: 

● Optimize your AMP pages 

● Design title & meta description templates 

● Create XML tools 

● Verify your site 

It’s important to be aware of any duplicate content. For this, you have to set up google analytics. 


Jetpack is one of the well-known security plugins. It has a lot of features. It helps to strengthen your social media, including advanced security, site speed up and spam protection, automatic backups, etc. 

It contains 5 million+ activations. It will provide you real-time backup which will automatically activate whenever you make changes. You will have an unlimited backup with a subscription so you don’t have to worry about lack of space. You can set up an automatic Jetpack’s scan feature. This feature will help you to scan automatically any content or files. It will also scan your whole website and stop attacks before anything wrong happens. 

You may have a lot of spam comments in your comment section which will make your visitors uneasy or put them in an awful situation. With the help of Jetpack’s feature, you can remove spam submissions and block them from your website. 

There are some features Jetpack offers: 

● Downtime monitoring to know about your issues as soon as 

● Brute force attack protection 

● It has site customization, email marketing, social media 

● Activity log 

● Backups, security scanning, spam protection 



WooCommerce is the best plugin for online stores to sell physical and digital products. It’s the one of most popular eCommerce plugins from WordPress. All over 3.9 million websites use the Woocommerce WordPress plugin. By adding a premium extension you can add more advanced options for your online store. 

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There are some features WooCommerce offers: 

● Multiple payment and shipping options 

● Exhibit and also sell your physical and digital products via your online store 

● You can get a wide range of features through the extension

Contact Form 7 

Contact Form 7 is another popular plugin. You can get fresh and effective contact forms. It can manage multiple forms for your pages. It’s a free plugin and easy to use that’s why everyone can use this plugin. 

You can use it for your personal blog as well as your business blog. 

Through this plugin, your visitors can easily reach you. For easily connecting people this plugin is one of the highest plugins on the list. 

There are some features Contact Form 7 offers: 

● Help you to customize contact forms and place them into your pages

● It provides CAPTCHA and Ajax submitting 

● You can easily add unique fields to your forms 

All In One SEO 

All in one is another most popular SEO plugin. It has over 2 million active installations. It’s best for beginners. Through All in one SEO (AIO SEO) you can develop your SEO rankings in less than 10 minutes. 

It will help you to optimize your website based on your website’s unique requirements. It will be able to set up XML sitemaps, SEO meta title, SEO keyword, SEO meta description, etc as soon as. 

There are some features All In One offer: 

● On-page SEO optimization 

● WordPress SEO setup wizard 

● Smart meta title & description 

● Unlimited SEO keywords 

● RSS SEO sitemap 

● Local business SEO 

● Automatic image SEO 

● Video SEO sitemap 


Akismet has automatic block spam and block system. It’s one of the most popular plugins. Not far from Yoast. Irrelevant stories, promotional links, malicious content, etc get blocked every day by Akismet. It makes it easy for business websites. 

It also helps you by not allowing any kind of problematic content or malicious to your website. This plugin is best for business websites or any blog that gets a lot of comments every day. 

There are some features Akismet offers: 

● You can get additional features like maps and search option 

● Help you to create an event and add them to the calendar 

● Users can view your calendar in multiple ways 


Monsterlnssights is one of the best Google Analytics Plugin. In your WordPress admin panel, you will get a Google-specific dashboard. You can track your customer covering multiple platforms. 

Also, you can integrate with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Monsterlnsight will not slow down your website like other link tracking plugins. You can improve your website through this plugin smartly. 

There are some features Monsterlnsight offers: 

● Easy integration with WooCommerce for product and sells tracking ● Activate tracking for Google Adsense and affiliate links 

● Give custom reports for data regarding audience, content, behavior, forms, eCommerce, search console, etc 

The Events Calendar 

It’s an easy and quality full plugin. This plugin will help you to add a record of your events to your website. You can also customize your calendar as you want. Simply can keep it updated. You will get high-quality results through this. 

There are some features The Events Calendar offers: 

● After creating events you can also add them to the organized calendar ● Your visitors can see your calendar in multiple ways 

● You can also get additional features like search function and map

Slider Revolution 

Slider Revolution

Through this plugin, you can create sliders, carousels, etc. There are many options available there to display your images, videos, posts, etc. It’s also a beginner-friendly plugin. You will get a lot of premium themes from this plugin. 

There are some features Slider Revolution offers: 

● It will add carousels, sliders, hero scenes to your site 

● It will add a visual, drag and drop page editor 

● To customize your home page it provides a front-page designer 

Ewww Image Optimizer 

This plugin will help you to optimize images with some tools. A large image can slow down your website. Ewww Image Optimizer will help you to optimize your images. 

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So that your visitors don’t get bothered. You will have a cloud-based version in this plugin. Also, it will provide extra security while running the process. 

There are some features Ewww Image Optimizer offers: 

● You will have pixel-perfect and high compression 

● It will provide extra security features such as SSL 

● You will get 30 days image backup 

● Convert optimize files into the perfect formate 

WordPress has a lot of useful and effective tools to make your website the best. You can choose one of the best plugins for your website. We mentioned above the top 10 best WordPress plugins. It will help you to choose your one.

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