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Are you looking for the best WordPress popup plugin for your targeted Website? A perfect WordPress popup plugin helps you to convert the website visitors into email subscribers. It has a ridiculously easy-to-use drag and drops popup builder, so you can create beautiful popups that are proven to convert.

In this article, we are discussing the 5 best WordPress Popup Plugins of 2020. After reading it out hope you will able to choose the right one for your WordPress website to get more solid lead.

Shortlist of Top 5 WordPress Popup Plugins

Before going to deep you can check the name of Popup Plugins at a glance. That way will be more effective to select the perfect one to keep in your mind.

  • ConvertPlus
  • OptinMonster
  • TrustPulse
  • ConvertPro
  • Popup Maker

Reviews of the Top 5 WordPress Popup Plugins

Now let’s take a look at each of them to find out which one is the best WordPress popup plugin that can help you to grow your website with more email subscribers as well.

01. ConvertPlus

ConvertPlus is one of the World’s easiest popup plugin which generates more subscribers & sales conversions using popups, slide-in forms, header & footer bars,  sidebar widgets, in-line forms, social buttons and you will get all the function into one plugin. Besides you can easily manage the plugins by yourself unless the coding skills.

Image Credit: ConvertPlus

Key Features:

  • Simplest form builder with multiple field support & numerous styling options
  • 80+ entry and exit animations.
  • 700+ Fonts
  •  Free to use Custom CSS code to modify the modules.
  • Easy to customize the modal size.

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02. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is more than just the best conversion and lead generation software around the world. This plugin generates more subscribers, leads and sales from the traffic that you already have on your website. OptinMonster lets you build high-converting opt-in forms in minutes, not hours!

OptinMonster popup plugin
Image Credit: OptinMonster

Key Features:

  • Easy drag & drop builder.
  • Mobile-Friendly Popups
  • Lightbox Popup
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mat
  • Countdown Timer
  • Content Locker
  • MonsterLinks™ 2-Step Options
  • Timed Display Control
  • AdBlock Detection
  • Geo-Location Targeting
  • OnSite Follow Up Campaigns
  • Success Tracking Scripts
  • Real-Time Behavior Automation

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03. TrustPulse

TrustPulse comes with an easy-to-use social proof notification builder that allows you to create beautiful WordPress FOMO popups that are proven to convert. This plugin uses FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) to boost your sales and conversions with social proof notifications.

Image Credit: TrustPulse

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Event Tracking
  • “On Fire” Notifications
  • Smart Targeting
  • Flexible Design Options
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Insanely Easy Setup
  • Works on Any Website

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04. ConvertPro

ConvertPro is another popup plugin that is best for Email Opt-In and lead generation. This plugin is the highly efficient and easy editor, you can create an attractive popup or an opt-in form that converts visitors into leads, subscribers, and customers.

Image Credit: ConvertPro

Key Features:

  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • 100% Mobile Friendly
  • Super Fast Loading
  • Design Freedom
  • Behavioral Triggers
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Completely Responsive
  • Multi-Step Popups

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05. Popup Maker

Popup Maker™ is the best popup plugin of WordPress that is incredibly versatile & flexible. Popup Maker is installed on over 400,000 websites and has received over 3,100 5-star reviews. With this plugin, you can easily create email opt-in popups, contact form popups, announcements, EU cookie notices, slide-ins, & more.

Pouup Maker Popup Plugin
Image Credit: Popup Maker

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Popups & Themes
  • 100% Customizable Popup
  • Multiple Trigger Types
  • Mobile Responsive Popups
  • Popup Analytics

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Final Words

Reviewing on the criteria and key features, we think, OptinMonster would be the best WordPress popup plugin. This plugin used on over one million websites to turn their traffic into subscribers, leads and sales. So if you want to improve your website conversions and grow your email list, then you can use OptinMonster. Popup Maker is also the best popup plugin that you can use as an alternative of OptinMonster with WordPress site.

On the other hand, if you have an eCommerce website then you can use OptinMonster or Popup Maker with TrustPulse. This plugin allows you to maximize your sales and conversions with social proof notifications.

We hope this article has given you proper ideas to select the best WordPress popup plugin for your website. Happy Working! If you like the post then you can also read another article on “7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins for 2020“.

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