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EPP code is vital information related to a domain name and it is needed when you want to transfer your domain from one provider to another. This code is unique for your domain and protects your domain from unauthorized transfer. If you want to know the EPP code for your domain on IT Nut Hosting, please follow the below steps:

  • Log in to your Client Area.
  • Then from the Dashboard click on the “Domains” or you can also click “Manage Domain” under the Domains section in your left-hand-sidebar.
image2 5
  • You will be taken to a list of the domains that you currently own. Click on the Three Dots button beside your domain name. You can find the Manage domain option located at the drop-down menu. Click on the “Manage Domain” button.
image4 1 2
  • On the next page, click “Get EPP Code” from the Manage tab on your right-hand side. You can see the domain EPP code on this page.
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EPP code is very sensitive data and you should not provide it to someone else. You should only use this when you are trying to transfer your domain to another provider. You will also need to unlock the “Domain Registrar Lock” from the client area in order to transfer the domain.

image5 9

Note: This should only be used when transferring your domain to another provider. To transfer the domain you need to unlock “Domain Registrar Lock” from the domain control panel or client area.

How to Enable or Disable Domain Register Lock

Click the “Registrar Lock” button under the “Manage Domain” option to unlock the Registrar Lock of your domain.

image3 8

On the next page, If your registrar lock status is set to ON, click on it to set the toggle button to OFF.
Done! You will see through a success message that your change has been successful. That means your domain has been unlocked or disabled.

image1 12

If your registrar lock status is set to OFF, click on it to set the toggle button to ON/Enable.
Done! Your domain registrar lock status will be unlocked or disabled.

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