If you want to use your domain name bought from IT Nut Hosting with your blogger blog, then you need to do the following things.

First, set up your blogger blog from your Blogger Account.
Go to Settings>Blog Address to set up your blog with the new domain You will see some settings instructions here. Now you need to set up your domain to work with the blogger blog

Sign in to the IT Nut Hosting client area. Go to Registered Domains > Manage button beside the domain name. Now go to the management section.

If you want to set up your domain with Blogger blog you have to use our “Default Nameserver” which is automatically set with the domain. But if you need to set default nameserver please contact us.

Now Go to the DNS Management section by clicking on “DNS Management” from the Right Sidebar

Now click on “Add Record” option and add the specific records.

Here you will need to add 6 new records for your domain Check this document for the instructions on how to add DNS records for your domain.

  • Add CNAME Record for WWW with ghs.google.com
    Add another CNAME Record with the values shown on the blogger domain setup page.
  • Add 4 A Records of “@” with values,, and
    Also, make sure that there aren’t any conflicting records with the same name. If there are other records with the same name, you need to remove them.

After you have made those changes to your domain, it will be active within 24 hours. If you face any issue, let us know and we will be glad to help you through the process.

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