Changing Nameserver

If you have bought your domain from us, you can manage the DNS records of the domain from the client area. To do that, first, you need to make sure that you are using our default nameserver. To ensure that, log in to the Client Area and click on the Registered Domains section.

Then, click on the Manage button (Small Gear Icon) beside the domain name that you want to manage.

On the next page, click on the Nameservers option from the top section. On the nameservers page, select the “Use default nameservers” radio button and click on Change Nameservers. Default nameservers will be set.

please keep in mind that default nameserver is NOT the same as our hosting nameservers. Our hosting nameservers are:

it is used to set up our hosting for the domain. And the default nameservers are used to manage the DNS directly from the domain management. If you need to set our default nameservers manually, please contact us to know the default nameserver for your domain. And if you are using our hosting nameserver, then you can manage the DNS from that cPanel account.

To change DNS settings from the client area, go to the management section of your domain as before and click on DNS Management.

Changing DNS Records

Adding A Record

A record is used to point your domain or part of your domain to some specific IP address. From the DNS management section, enter the details as following:

Hostname: Enter the hostname for your domain. For example, if your domain name is and you want to point to an IP address, then you will need to enter “server” on the Hostname field. If you want to point the whole domain to an IP, you can use the “@” symbol as the hostname. And if you want to point all possible hostname to an IP, you can use the “*” symbol which is called a wildcard DNS entry.

Record Type: Select the A (Address) record type from the drop-down menu.

Address: Enter the IP address where you want your domain to be pointed to.

Priority: Priority is not applicable for A record. So you can leave it blank.

Now click on the “Save Changes” button and your A record will be added. You can add multiple A record if needed but there should not be any conflicting DNS record with the same hostname.

Adding “CNAME” Record

You can add the “CNAME” Record in a similar way.

Hostname: Part of your domain name that you want to point to the Alias. For example, you might have a domain name and want to point to then you need to add “web” on the hostname to add your domain to blogger blog.

Address: The alias needs to be pointed here. In our previous example, would be our appropriate Canonical Name.

Priority: Priority is not applicable for A record. So you can leave it blank.

Then click on the “Save Changes” button and the record will be added. You can add as many DNS zones that you require in the same way.

Other types of DNS records can also be added in similar ways. If you still face any issue managing the domain through the client area, feel free to let us know and we would be happy to help.

To manage domain DNS by yourself, you must have DNS management service enabled for your domain. We offer that service free of charge and you have the option to take that service when you buy the domain. However, if you did not take the DNS management service when you bought the domain, please open a support ticket regarding that and we will enable DNS management service for you.

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