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You can order a new VPS Cloud Server by following these simple instructions:

Visit our website homepage and hover your mouse in server option then click VPS Hosting button.

Order VPS

Here you can see a list of our Cloud VPS packages. Click on the Start Now button below the package that you want to buy.

Order VPS 4

Here you will see the details of your order; you can choose the billing cycle from here. And if you want to take backup service then select from tha drop-down menu.

Backup: If you want to take a manual backup of your server by yourself, you can select the “No thanks, I will keep my own backup” option. Otherwise, if you want to keep the backup of the server through us automatically, you can select the “Daily Backup” option from the backup dropdown menu.

Order VPS 5

Scroll down you will get few more options.

Operating System: Select the variation of the Linux operating system that you want to install.

Number of IPs: If you need more than 1 IP address for your VPS, you can choose them from here.

Hostname: The Fully Qualified Domain name that you want to use for your VPS. For example, if you own an domain, you can use as your hostname. If you are not sure or you do now own any domain yet, use any domain here, you can change this later if needed.

Root Password: The root or administrative password that you want to set up for your VPS. Please choose a strong password containing a combination of Uppercase and Lowercase Character, Number and Symbols.

Once everything is set correctly, click on the Continue button.

Order VPS 3

Here you can review your order and also check the price by changing currency.

If you already have an account with us on IT Nut Hosting, you can log in to your account by clicking the button “Sign in” from the top. Or you can register your account from this page by entering information on this page.

I have an account at IT Nut Hosting. So I am loging in.

Order VPS 1

After login the account information will show here. Then select your desire payment method and click the checkmark box to accept the terms and condition. Finally click the Checkout button.

How can I change the password of my VPS server from the client area?

Order VPS 2

You will be now taken to the payment gateway page. Once your payment is confirmed with the gateway, your order will be automatically activated and you will receive the login details for your VPS server.

That’s it! You have successfully ordered your VPS server with IT Nut Hosting. Your Virtual Private Server is ready for use and you can start right away!

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