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What is SSL?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a technology that secures the communication of a website for its visitors. When a visitor visits a website, the information between the visitor and the website is kept secure. An attacker can not create a fake version of a website because ownership of a website is verified using SSL. So, users of the website are able to gain trust. The SSL certificate ensures to the visitor that all your information and communication on this site is secure. HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is usually more secure than HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). This means it is secured using SSL and its visitors are encrypted via SSL.

How does the SSL or Secure Sockets Layer work?

How does the SSL or Secure Sockets Layer work?

When an internet user visits a secure website, SSL identifies the information that is provided by the web server and encrypts it. It happens within a few seconds. Browser securely connects with a website via SSL. In this process, the browser first sends a request to the webserver to identify the SSL certificate. Then the server sends a copy of the SSL certificate to the browser. Now the browser checks and ensures the validity of the SSL certificate. After that, the browser sends a request again to the server. This time, the server encrypts the information on the website and sends a digital copy to the browser.

Using this process SSL certificates maintain the security between the browser and server.

There are 3 types of working processes for an SSL:

  1. A protocol for communication: A protocol is basically a set of rules that are used to communicate with the customer’s system, the server, and the website, and create multiple communications at once.
  2. A certificate for disclosure of identity: A certificate proves ownership of a system. Which is easily understood whether something is being used properly and understood that the user is valid.
  3. Certificate issuing institution: An organization needs to disclose the ownership of something and maintain it properly or there may be various issues with ownership.

In this way, an SSL certificate redirects a website from HTTP to HTTPS and encrypts user data.

We learned how SSL certificates work. Now we will learn How to redirect users from HTTP to HTTPS using .htaccess?

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